Grow Bud Yourself!


Grow Bud Yourself Episode 87

The fog's just lifting. Wave to the lighthouse keeper's kid and the big dumb ducks and then listen to Episode 87 of Grow Bud Yourself. You're a goddamn personal cannabis cultivator! Is there anything better in the world?

First, Danny and Mike chat about the marijuana news of the day, including weed decriminalization delays in New Jersey, Connecticut and New York. 

The interview is with marijuana legend Kyle Kushman, who recaps the "Own Your Grow" event this past weekend in NYC, his pioneering of home-growing headstash for connoisseurs and his super-cropping techniques to promote better bud branching.  

The cultivation segment features our Strain of the Fortnight, Danny on dealing with fungus gnats, plus grow Q&A. 

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