Grow Bud Yourself!


Grow Bud Yourself Episode 15

Episode 15 of Grow Bud Yourself provides free weed to anyone willing to plant seeds! 

First, Danny and Mike discuss some news nuggets, including banking for cannabis businesses and the success of the legal and traditional markets. (1:45)  

The interview features special guest Milo from Big Buddha Seeds, expert breeder of the Cannabis Cup-winning Cheese strain. Milo discusses his career in ganja genetics, which has spanned nearly 20 years, as well as the future for his company and up-and-coming UK pot producers. (17:10)

The cultivation segment includes our "Strain of the Fortnight" and Danny's ultimate beginner grower shopping list to help get you started growing cannabis indoors. (48:35) 

Episode 15 is brought to you by Excelsior Extracts and their THC-Infused Pain Rub. 

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