Grow Bud Yourself!


Grow Bud Yourself Episode 101

Here's a little story I've got to tell about a weed-growing podcast you know so well, it started way back more than a decade ago with Mike G and Danny D teaching you how to grow. Behold episode 101 of Grow Bud Yourself! 

First, Danny and Mike talk about President Biden's recent federal pot proclamation plus Danny's Breeding 101 Glossary of terms to know for making your own strains.

The interview is with Jacobi Holland, co-founder of On The Revel, who discusses curating educational and networking experiences for people interested in the regulated cannabis industry and putting on Revelry events to celebrate diversity in weed advocacy and entrepreneurship.

The cultivation segment features our Strain of the Fortnight, how to get, and keep, a job in the cannabis industry, plus answers to listener grow questions. 

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