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Free Weed - Episode 40

Ep. 40

Episode 40 of Free Weed from Danny Danko triumphantly roots itself in the earth with more pot growing info than ever before! Danny & Mike recap the 2013 Bay Area Medical Cannabis Cup and then, Free Weed is proud to present an epic 30 minute interview with master cannabis breeder, and multiple Cup winner, Soma of Soma Sacred Seeds. Soma describes how he started out as a smoker and grower and then unveils some can’t-miss breeding secrets, strain descriptions, and organic grow tips. Episode 40 also features an extended cultivation segment that includes Strain of the Fortnight, a step-by-step for making Subcool’s Supersoil Mix, and Danny's answers to listeners’ grow questions. This episode of Free Weed is sponsored by BC Northern Lights, Gorilla Seed Bank, and Power Pen. For more grow tips from Soma, check out his book, Organic Marijuana, Soma Style: The Pleasures of Cultivating Connoisseur Cannabis.

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