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Free Weed – Episode 35

Ep. 35

Free Weed returns with an epic episode. This time around Danny and Mike breakdown the HIGH TIMES “LA” Medical Cannabis Cup (in San Bernardino) (4:00) and bring some excellent tips for growing sativas to the table (59:25). Plus, Free Weed is honored to present our interview with the legendary comedian and marijuana activist Tommy Chong (28:45). Tommy and his son Paris – hosts of The Chong and Chong Show – discuss doing time for bongs, the reunion and continued success of Cheech & Chong, how golf is the ultimate stoner sport, and just how it felt to receive the HIGH TIMES Lifetime Achievement Award at the Medical Cannabis Cup. Tommy and Paris even have some cultivation questions for Danko. Don’t miss this special episode – brought to you by BC Northern Lights Grow Boxes.

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