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FREE WEED - Episode 19

Ep. 19

Featuring guests musician David Grisman and drug test guru Rick Cusick. Episode 19 of Free Weed blossoms forth with a cornucopia of cannabis treats, starting with a rare interview with renowned musician David Grisman who speaks to Mike Hughes about the importance of American roots music, his long-time collaboration with friend Jerry Garcia, and how cannabis has aided his creative process for fifty years and counting (10:35). And, keeping with a very Jerry theme, HT Managing Editor Jen Bernstein speaks with Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead about pot and politics (38:25). Plus, EP 19 also includes Danny's Strain of the Week (44:13), a segment on how to beat a drug test with HIGH TIMES Associate Publisher Rick Cusick (47:00), and pot growing questions & answers to boot (58:45). This episode is sponsored by BC Northern Lights grow-boxes (888) 236-1266, and Monkey Dong! (800) 936-1070.

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