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FREE WEED - Episode 18

Ep. 18

Featuring special guests MzJill and Roger Steffens. Episode 18 of Free Weed springs forward into the new pot-growing season to highlight cultivation techniques for personal cannabis production. The takeover continues as EP 18 features plenty of remastered Marley tunes and an exclusive interview with noted reggae archivist - and Bob Marley friend - Roger Steffens of (6:20). Danny also interviews MzJill of – breeder of such beauties as the Jillybean and Space Jill (33:15). As always, check out our Strain of the Week (45:18), grow questions and answers (58:25), and a special cultivation tip segment (47:20). This episode is sponsored by BC Northern Lights grow-boxes (888) 236-1266,, and Ontario Seed Bank (415) 255-5355 (in honor of MzJill's participation in this episode, Ontario Seed Bank is making Space Jill available for 35% off if you mention Free Weed).

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