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FREE WEED - Episode 17

Ep. 17

Episode 17 of Free Weed blossoms forth with marijuana grow info and more! Jen Bernstein interviews Derrick Freeman, drummer for Kermit Ruffins and the BBQ Swingers and actor on Treme (7:40), Danny interviews Milo, breeder of Big Buddha Seeds (18:30), and Free Weed delivers a potent cultivation segment with our Strain of the Week (40:20), grow questions & answers (43:30), and an explanation of bud breeding terms (54:05). This episode is sponsored by BC Northern Lights grow-boxes (888) 236-1266 and was taken over by – head to and get a free Bob Marley t-shirt with your purchase of select 2 CD Marley albums including the new Marley soundtrack from the upcoming documentary, Legend, Catch a Fire, and more!

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