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FREE WEED - Episode 12

Ep. 12

Free Weed is back and freer than ever. Episode 12 is a chock-full of great grow info and much, much more. Danny talks to Scott from Rare Dankness Seed Company – whose phenomenal strain Moonshine Haze took the Sativa Cup at the 24th Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam (32:15). Comedian Rob Cantrell drops by to talk about hosting the upcoming LA Medical Cannabis Cup and reviving the Marijuana-Logues (23:50). Danny and Mike discuss the bests (and worsts) of 2011 (6:30). And, as always, Free Weed brings you all the cultivation information you can handle with an emphasis on pruning and trellising to increase your yield (54:08). Plus, the Strain of the Week and grow questions and answers. Episode 12 is sponsored by, Ontario Seed Bank (415) 255-5355 & BC Northern Lights grow-boxes (888) 236-1266.

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