Free Your Wild

  • 5. Free Your Wild #5 : Rachel Sklar

    Presented by the Ultra-Trail Harricana (UTHC)In this new podcast Free Your Wild, meet with Rachel Sklar as she was in the middle of a great journey in 2019, a year where she raced 12 ultra marathons in 12 countries over 12 months for a total of 5 continents visited and covering over 1,300 kilometres on foot. Sklar hopes that her journey will inspire others to set grand goals.With a background in the combat sport of Muay Thai, she began running in 2016 but quickly fell in love with that new sport.Listen to this interview with this great athlete. Learn more about her story, her mindset, how she developed her interest in trail running, how she trains, and a lot more.Have fun listening to this very inspiring podcast with Rachel!
  • 5. Wolf #5 : Luca Manfredi Negri

    Luca Manfredi Negri is a 36-year-old Italian athlete, who has always had a great passion for sports. After practicing a wide variety of sports at a young age, he began to develop an interest in running at age 25, first on the road then by trail, conquering more technical mountain terrain.Luca steadily developed as an athlete, gradually improving his performances and his results year after year. Having grown up between the mountains (Aprica) and the plains (Milan), his heart and soul have always been drawn north towards the hills and mountains. It's now where he spends most of his time in search of remote trails and breathtaking landscapes.We recorded this podcast in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis and Luca opens up about the current situation in Italy, which is known to be catastrophic. He explains how he's been managing his training and how he expects his trail-running season to go despite the pandemic. By sharing his values, ideologies, and optimism about the future, he hopes he can help other runners live through this global crisis.
  • 4. Free Your Wild #4 : Kanoa King

    Presented by Ultra-Trail Harricana of Canada (UTHC)Kanoa is an east coast runner who’s passionate about conquering rocky, technical terrain and pushing his limits. As a chiropractor, he took an interest in trail running after grad school when he had more free time at his disposal.And with the granite mountains of New Hampshire in his backyard, it gave him every reason to go and explore. He has been running seriously for the past four years and uses running as a way to push himself both mentally and physically.In this new podcast, Kanoa shares his passionate story about how it all began and the opportunities it has given him. He talks about the benefits of being coached, his nutrition plan for long races like the UTHC and shares some insight into how he builds the mental toughness as an endurance athlete.
  • 3. Free Your Wild #3 : Laura Kline

    Laura Kline is a versatile runner from Syracuse, New York, who enjoys challenging herself in races of various distances and terrains. Coming from a background in triathlon and duathlon her success in those disciplines has translated to her ultrarunning career.Laura enjoys traveling to new and exciting locations to race and has participated at Ultra Trail Harricana 2019 on the 125 km.In this podcast, she speaks about her passion for trail running, how it all began and the opportunities it has given her.Have fun listening to this very inspiring podcast with Laura!
  • 2. Free Your Wild #2 : Joshua Ferenc

    Joshua Ferenc has been an endurance athlete for as far back as he can remember, with a deep passion for competing. He's a versatile runner who can compete at any distance and has even represented Team USA at the World Championships. With support from brands such as Under Armour, Julbo and Darn Tough, he's been able to travel and race all over the world. When he's not running Joshua teaches science and coaches athletes of all ages too.In this podcast, he speaks about his passion for trail running, how it all began and the opportunities it has given him.Have fun listening to this very inspiring podcast with Joshua!
  • 1. Free Your Wild #1 : Emily Hawgood

    Emily Hawgood is a small-town girl from Zimbabwe, Africa. She started her third year of ultra-trail running with the Gauge 20 Running team, after a collegiate career at the College of Idaho. She had a great 2018 season, finishing Top-10 in the Skyrunner World Series, racing mainly in Europe.But she also had success in some longer races too, winning the American River 50 miler in California, the UTWT Ultra-Trail Cape Town 100km in South Africa and, most recently, the Ultra-Trail Harricana of Canada 125 km.In this podcast, Emily speaks about her childhood in Zimbabwe, how she developed her interest in trail running and the moment she realized her potential in the sport. She also goes in-depth and speaks about her victory at the Ultra-Trail Harricana of Canada 125 km last September.Have fun listening to this very inspiring podcast with Emily!