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Ep. 74 - How New Age Beliefs Have Created The Way We Live Today

Keeping with our 1st Tues. theme, its all about coercion. Is there a more coercive bunch than new age religion groups and leaders? Even the followers become auto manipulators. Picking up from Ep. 29 (Intro to New Age Religion), we explore Madame Blavatsky and the roots of Theology and her society in the 1800s which shows up in our society today.

Sources: Dr. Lalich, Bounded Choice - Devega, Gaurkee - All You Want To Know But Didn't Think You Could Ask

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    On this 3rd Tuesday, I'll explore how cults and religions use food deprivation against us for a means of control. It's very effective. I can see doing much more on this at some point, but this'll get you started on this massive topic, talking cults in the news to exemplify the tactic of food deprivation they so frequently go to.More at frankiefilespodcast.comTik Tok @frankieteaseX @frankieteaseemail: frankietease@substack.comThanks for listening and giving us stars and ratings or subscribing and donating. Any of those sustain us.
  • Ep. 75 - What is a Sex Cult? Spotting Inner Circle Recruitment

    It's 2nd Tues. and that means sexuality is our go-to topic. What is a sex cult? You may have heard the term, but sex goes on everywhere? What joins the two elements creating a new more powerful game? Because let's be truthful, sex is powerful and everyone knows this. But add #becausejesus and well, that's too powerful. David Kouresh had all the wives. No man could have sex with his own wife at their compound. He too, had a sex cult.Check for more.FFIS7PV8MAGWYVKV, T6SNTZ4O3KXMD6JJ, HY94OKICYUXIZFHI, 6SZHCEV2WSG63Z8K, ITJSBKS9VF3QE0SX