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  • Ep. 74 - How New Age Beliefs Have Created The Way We Live Today

    Keeping with our 1st Tues. theme, its all about coercion. Is there a more coercive bunch than new age religion groups and leaders? Even the followers become auto manipulators. Picking up from Ep. 29 (Intro to New Age Religion), we explore Madame Blavatsky and the roots of Theology and her society in the 1800s which shows up in our society today.Sources: Dr. Lalich, Bounded Choice - Devega, Gaurkee - All You Want To Know But Didn't Think You Could AskCheck out for more information.O0FDWKWRWX8RHPS8, 1UUXAWRSKEBQOSM5, 4FL6SG0JGTPM654T, 8LNGWZU5TZG25KZY

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  • Ep. 73- Back To School - A Podcast Preview About Bob Jones University (BJU) ft. Andrew Pledger

    On this 4th Tuesday, we get into a back to school topic like last year with Andrew Pledger. Examining the home school to Christian College pipeline, host Andrew Pledger tells us of his new limited series podcast Surviving Bob Jones University. Streaming now, this interview gives us insight into the preparation and depth of his research and how he'll bring us more in the future deeply diving into the unacceptable atmosphere created for young minds who believe they are going to get an education.Linktree: BJU Podcast:
  • Ep. 72 - The Morningland Papers - Mom Loses Her Twins To The Long Beach Cult

    Pre-empting the usual 2nd Tuesday theme, we will complete part one of Mom's interview about Morningland. In Ep. 71 we brought you audio from 1987 showing how the clergy treated my Mom at the curb while she tried to visit her daughters on their birthday for the third year. Today, we complete a task we started in episode 12 of this show - Mom's full Interview - it's been only 35+ years coming in some ways. Mom reveals the story of how she and her family were recruited from North Long Beach into the Temple at East Long Beach (#longbeachcult). Mom experiences a level of control from the leadership that she was not prepared for which gets progressively worse from 1974 to 1984. As the trainwreck continues, she is challenged, separated, and finally ex-communicated while her daughters are promoted. Listen.Check out more of my work at in Cult Madness News and Hot Takes of a Cult Kid. Youtube Music License Codes: USAUXDR1NRGV0SEK, TTSPZQSQX5WQDPN7, EOXAYU93DH1FHPMP, 1SONIZB4BWMHILQZ, XDVOYWZQUEXPYAEO, WQIL26FAVN5ERSR8, RKNFWWZKDZKSVLAU, NBKTJC8BOMAE8BNA, TCANLNA2S48L0272
  • Ep. 71 - The Morningland Papers - Mom Encounters the Gauntlet After Ex-Communication

    When Mom drives to Morningland Church (Community, Corp.Monastery), she is greeted with bright lights, a camera and the abusers who sex trafficked her daughters.She just wanted to see them on their birthday, you see - it became a tradition after she was kicked out. This is the digitized audio she recorded from 1987. Mom kept this tape safe for 37 years. Listen to us comment on the tape in this episode.Stay tuned for the full story from Mom concerning her twins, the Daughters of Isis (airs next Tues.).Aerial photo: Signal TribuneYoutube music license codes F8ZVLG4BIFDSFFEB, CYOGQVMALAVVAB9D, QMJ24DMEMQV9TJZL, JBERNRW74TMQI3W3, RQABP7QTMIRAUHDM, JKPEA5JMMXUJUEGD
  • Ep. 70 -The Morningland Papers: How One Man Survived Spiritual Warfare - ft. Author Stephen Mercer

    On this 5th Tuesday, we check two boxes for this episode featuring a new addition to The Morningland Papers and the author interview. Our Author guest has multiple titles under his belt but not all read like a science fiction novel which happens to be a true story.Here to tell the tale using details from his 2020 publication When the Light Came: Conducting Spiritual Warfare - A True Account [ISBN ‏ : ‎ B08C94RMQV] available in digital or paperback is Stephen Mercer (CFP / CISA / CSA) year is 1997 and the town is Long Beach. There is an out-of-state recruitment happening in Colorado where Stephen lives, in a rare event. This is what ensued once Stephen Mercer made contact with the California Cult. #longbeachcult#themorninglandpapers#frankiefilespodcast#whenthelightcame#occupycults
  • Ep. 69 - Music Programming and How to Fight It As An Adult Cult Kid

    It's 4th Tuesday, and our focus is on cult kids, aka adult children of cults.This time, extending the chat from Ep. 68, we'll keep going with how music is used in cults, and how it goes directly to the brain and how it does that. Today I'll also sample a song from the cult in Japan called AUM. It's pretty creepy. Kids throughout the country and world sang it right up until he was sentenced to prison for subway killings. Alrighty. Incidentally the leader of the AUM cult and several of its members have been put to death for deadly gas subway attacks killing many innocent people. See the song on Youtube Soshi Soshi Soshi Asahara Soshi... This is Your Brain on Music by Daniel Levitin Shiverman by Fat Freddy's Drop live on Youtube Listen to Frankie Files Podcast on all the apps, or download from the RSS at Want more about cults? Check out Hot Takes of a Cult Kid now at Music license code for Youtube EEBFKKSCASEC22TM, JVEP9FWE9YWDFR6Q, ZZUQGE6EL5QMM2EO
  • Ep. 68 - How Your Brain on Music is a Cult Leader's Dream

    It's 3rd Tuesday and time to talk cults and their ways. This time, let's talk music in cults. This is a huge topic and I've been working on this awhile, and am happy to share it with you guys. It might just blow some of your neurons out - enjoy. Read the article I refer to by Syran Warner about a cult music radio program to Frankie Files Podcast on all apps and Youtube. Share, like, subscribe, donate to help us grow the show. More at frankiefilespodcast.comThis is Your Brain on Music is the book I refer to here - Link music license code LN1M51KN00EH9XLP, BMAGMZWPWBXHXWFU, HUKF0QULQALFUSXM, LTSMP2ZNTUUDUDKW, ECCHA27OXKEGKTTL, BTB8QWQ8WMGYKWAY