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Welcome to the world of cult kids. Cults, coercion and sexuality remain the topics as we enter Season 2, 2023. Free non explicit episodes Tuesday, paid explicit member edpisodes Sundays (2023). Each Tuesday: 1st Tues. Co

Morningland Community Update Dec 2022 - 50 Years a Cult

During Nov. and Dec. I held Live Reddit Talk events, and this is one of the last few to be published. Morningland Church, (aka Morningland Community) is spamming and rebranding to stay alive. Now that my mother and I have began publicly speaking out via this podcast and other podcast interviews, we have started slowly getting the word out that Morningland is a cult which has lasted 50 years. The leaders who founded the church are a couple from the 70's who abandoned their own kids to run this scam of a religious cult.They are deceased, the female buried under the building at 2600 E. 7th St., Long Beach, CA. Healing and trafficking go together great. Here, I am doing a sweeping read of the sites people have taken to, to speak out about bad experiences in this cult. Three of the trained by the OG leaders are running this place. There is much to be concerned about. Hear ex members and visitor testimonial I collect on the web, and an update of 3rd party listings trying to claim they are food outreach to the community, they are a gym teaching yoga, they are a safe place for kids and family. I highly disagree. Who am I? Just a person who's family was ripped apart forever by this cult. My family barely survived. I am speaking out even louder this year as we enter their 50 year anniversary. They are Gopy Saravati (directly trained by Donato and Sri Donato aka Patricia and Dan Spearato), Gopi Chokru (Mary- directly trained by Sri Donato), Kamazi X5 aka the Lama (directly trained by Sri Donato), and others.Here I mention where they have changed their no online presence policy, and how they still cannot supress previous members from telling the public what this place is really about: it's a cult.