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  • Ep. 58 - The Morningland Papers: Carl Jung, Mandalas, Psychology and a Female Psycho New Age Master

    It's 1st Tuesday, all about coercion. This episode is a report from direct experience which has taken me a lifetime to understand. NLP, Mandalas, Psychology and drawing were used to control me, even after I left. I was programmed to do if for them. That is pretty hard to accept but I can confirm now that this was happening. The learning is never ending when it comes to NLP, the subconscious, self hypnosis and devious witchcraft executed by a self serving destructive cult leader: This one, Sri Donato aka Patricia Sperato, aka Patricia Diable (it was in her name!) and aka Sri Patricia. This can be included in the Morningland Papers, an ongoing effort to expose the crimes which took place in Morningland (Corp., Community, etc), and are still being carried on by leaders Sri trained and that Donato trained (both now deceased). Take a moment and rate the show and review it if you find this helpful, and tell a friend. We aren't going to get popular the way some broadcasts do because this stuff is controversial and gets to the very heart of how the system is used against people to control our very souls. Stay free and keep critical thinking everyone.See more about the show at Listen on Acast Spotify iHeart Radio Apple Podcasts Youtube Audible GooglePodcasts Podlink Stitcher Pocket Cast Pandora or RSS ( on your favorite app. Thanks for listening and learning with me.
  • Ep. 57 - How Author Brett Harper (TTI) Followed the Money to Expose Corruption in Christian Boarding Schools

    It's 5th Tuesday, our Interview spot. Our guest, Author Brett Harper ( is a young man from Oregon who was gruesomely shoved into two different institutions sent and paid for by adoptive parents. His story is a cautionary tale from a group home first - West Coast Academy in Oregon and then later he was kidnapped and taken out of state from Oregon to Missouri where he had the bad fortune to go to Agape Boarding School. He has the broken back to prove it, because he was hard child labor while incarcerated there, as were all the boys. It's hard to believe yet it is a true crime story. His two books are available, read our preview for details at ( and definitely buy his books.Click to Subscribe to Frankie Files on Acast Spotify iHeart Radio Apple Podcasts Youtube Audible GooglePodcasts Podlink Stitcher Pocket Cast Pandora or RSS Help the show with a cash gift Donate, or get merch Show Merch & Art - Contact the show Email Show to be a guest or have Frankie on your show. Thank You for listening rating, sharing and subscribing in year two of our podcast.
  • Ep. 56 - Christian Nationalism ft. ExVangelist Dr. Clint Heacock of Mind Shift Podcast

    It's 4th Tues. and time to talk to an adult cult kid. Our guest is Dr. Clint Heacock of Mind Shift Podcast ( A PhD holder in bible studies, he knows his stuff. We look at Christian nationalism, his public deconstruction, his work exposing religious abuse and shedding a light on false profits in real time. Welcome this world travelling rock N roll drummer to the podcast, file this under Christian nationalism.Also listen on Acast Spotify iHeart Radio Apple Podcasts Youtube Audible GooglePodcasts Podlink Stitcher Pocket Cast Pandora or RSS.
  • Ep. 55 - How a Dangerous Texas Cult: Profundity Yours, is Taking over a Texas Town ft. Investigative Journalist Syran Warner

    It's 3rd Tuesday, time for a cult update. This one is cult madness. A dangerous cult has grown quickly in Marietta, Texas, since his first report with our show in Dec. 2022 [First Report Ep. link ]. Syran Warner of aka The Cult Hunter [follow him at @syranwarner on Tik Tok and Youtube] returns to update us, and he has been to the location. Two million dollar ranches and a restaurant have been obtained by the leaders. Videos have disappeared and papers were served. Things are heating up in this tiny Texas town and the residents are not happy. See out other podcast: Hot Takes of a Cult Kid about unpopular views at Get more info and subscribe on your favorite app Acast Spotify iHeart Radio Apple PodcastsYoutube Audible GooglePodcasts Podlink Stitcher Pocket Cast Pandora or RSS. More at Yours has a youtube channel and a website. Please inform those near the area of this story. Get in touch with Syran to report more details via his website
  • Ep. 54 - Fear, Fatalism & the Apocalypse - How to Outlive the Death Wish

    It's 2nd Tuesday, and that means talking sexuality. Today though, sidestepping fatalism, death wish thinking and popular apocalyptic death wish thinking. Oh it's everywhere. I mean let's talk about the Weeknd's death wish - shall we? Depression sells.Cults, coercion, sexuality are the topics of the Frankie Files Podcast. Check out subscription and donation options on the website and thanks for listening as always.*researched essay*
  • Ep. 53 - Are You Participating? Words Matter: It's Human Trafficking in USA

    *Researched Essay* It's 1st Tuesday, and that means the topic is coercion. Human trafficking is one of the most prevalent and destructive forms of coercion to hit children and adults in the United States. It wasn't even made illegal until 2000. What? Yeah. Most people have a lot of ideas about what trafficking is but cannot recognize it while it's happening. Here, I outline how it may be in your own backyard (hint: it is) and what you can do to silently protest: don't participate in the destruction of the victim being portrayed as a bad person, that's bad info. Tune in.More about the show and where to subscribe at Help us stick around by donating to cover costs and time via Paypal on the website, or leave a review and rating, and tell a friend. Welcome to the world of cult kids.
  • Ep. 52 - What Drove One Man from the Children of God Sex Cult to Murder Suicide?

    It's 4th Tuesday, time to talk about adult children of cults. From Children of God, the Family International, let's review the story of Davidito. "I've fainted in my mind and I can't find the smelling salts to wake up" Davidito aka Ricky Rodriguez stated on a video before his murder suicide. Dito made a video in 2005 before his last acts on earth. He wanted to make a statement for all the abused children in Children of God, the Family International. His video may still be seen via There is a lot of info there, and it's very informative.I also use to flesh out the story. How did this happen right on our soil? How is it still going on? Here is the story.See more about the show at - subscribe, leave a review or rating, donate, or give feedback there.We thank you for listening and caring about us cult kids. 
  • Ep. 51 - Heaven's Gate Cult Was Never Cute - Sorry New Age Religion

    It's 3rd Tuesday and that means cults are the topic. Matching Nike's are cute right? Mmmm, not when they're on 39 people in a mass suicide. New Age cults are today's focus, and they're not cute. I do want to scream that but I won't I promise. We're going to bring Dr. Lalich's book Bounded Choice: True Believers and Charasmatic Leaders. The details of what goes on in New Age cults is still largely misunderstood by the public. Even those who consider themselves informed do not often get it right. Let's straighten some things out. What does Jesus have to do with Marshall Applewhite? Were both leaders knowingly sick and avoiding doctors before the mass suicides? What type of control systems worked to keep the Heaven's Gate cult from dissolving? Find out more about Lalich at, and Frankie Tease at frankietease.substack.comLearn more and subscribe to our show at
  • Ep 50 Clip Gaslighting

    More at