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Francis Kong: Inspiring Excellence

Episode 108: A Box Underneath the Table

Ep. 108

Why is it too difficult to understand that companies with good leaders always perform better than the ones with abusive leaders? Learn more about this in today's episode of Inspiring Excellence. Don't waste a moment and tune in now!

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  • 160. Episode 160: Leadership Insights to Consider

    Leadership isn't just about titles—it's about leading by example, showing up daily, and earning respect. Avoid poor character, indecisiveness, and pride. True leadership shapes success beyond mere numbers.
  • 159. Episode 159: How Young Are You?

    Age is just a number in today's fast-paced world. Whether you're 35 or 65, continuous growth and adaptability are key. Focus on adding value, preparing for the future, and never stop learning. It's not about who you are now, but who you're becoming.
  • 158. Episode 158: How to be Miserable

    Unlock happiness by subtracting negativity from your life! Discover how focusing less on adding and more on removing sources of misery—like envy, fear, and social comparison—can lead to true joy and well-being.
  • 157. Episode157: The Power of Reading

    Unlock the Power of Reading! Dive into the pages that inspire creativity, ignite innovation, and fuel success. From billion-dollar startups to visionary leaders, discover how the simple act of reading can shape extraordinary journeys and transform ideas into reality.
  • 156. Episode 156: My Father's Arms

    This Father's Day, honor the legacy and the heavenly guidance that empower us every day. Happy Father's Day.
  • 155. Episode 155: What Mindset is Really All About

    Recognize and address fixed-mindset triggers to fully embrace this transformative ideology in personal and organizational development. Move beyond buzzwords and grasp the depth of what a growth mindset truly means.
  • 154. Episode 154: Here Comes The New Leader

    Start by listening before acting. Foster innovation by combating authority bias and encouraging exploratory inquiry and constructive dissent. Avoid immediate changes; build trust and respect with your team. Leadership is a journey of continuous growth. Stay adaptable and committed to your team's success.
  • 153. Episode 153: The Leader You Wish you Never Had

    Ever had a toxic boss? They take credit, spread blame, and lead through fear and negativity. In your leadership role, learn from their mistakes. Embrace true leadership by valuing your team, fostering a healthy work environment, and always striving for growth and empathy. Aim to be the leader your team wishes they had.
  • 152. Episode 152: The Quest for Learning

    In today's fast-paced world, success isn't just about hard work; it's about smart, continuous learning. Embrace active and passive learning to unlock creativity and innovation. As Peter Drucker predicted, knowledge workers drive 21st-century wealth. Invest in your growth, think beyond the box, and watch your career soar.