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Soldiers of Tradition: The Motu proprio on the Latin Mass

Pope Francis issued on 16 July 2021 a new law on the celebration of the Holy Mass according to the 1962 Roman Missal (the Old Rite Mass). The previous dispositions by Pope Benedict XVI, favouring the celebration of this Mass by any priest with no authorisation, have been rescinded, and a very surprising statement has been made: the new Roman Missal issued by Paul VI in 1970 is the only expression of the Lex orandi of the Church. But a permission may be given by the local bishop to say the EF Mass. How can a priest be still authorised to say this Mass when the missal is no longer the expression of the prayer (and faith) of the Church? What is therefore a correct approach to the Apostolic Tradition of which the bishops are the guardians? It seems now that they are rather soldiers of it.

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