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Our Lady and the Holy Trinity

Our Lady holds a very special relationship with the Most Holy Trinity. She is the daughter of the Father, the mother of the Son and the Spouse of the Holy Spirit. A title given to Her by Hesychius of Jerusalem (V cent.) defines the Blessed Virgin "Complementum Trinitatis" - "Complement of the Holy Trinity". She complements the Holy Trinity from outside, for being chosen by the Father since Her creation as Immaculate Conception to be the mother of his Son by the overshadowing of the Holy Spirit. The Triune God operates our salvation in union with Mary, and only through Her we come to share in the life of the Holy Trinity poured over us by sanctifying grace. There is a Marian attribute that can sum up this trinitarian relationship of Mary with God, the ‘sponsality’ - Mary as Spouse of God. Our Lady has been called by St Ephrem of Syria (IV cent.) “Spouse of God” in relation to the Son, insofar as She is the new Eve beside the new Adam, true Coredemptrix. St Francis of Assisi will be the first to call Our Lady “Spouse of the Holy Spirit”, followed by St Louis Grignon de Monfort and St Maximilian M. Kolbe. Last but not least, Mary is also “Spouse of the Father”, since they both have the same Son, Jesus Christ, generated by the Father in eternity as the Logos, and by the Mother in time as Word incarnate. Hail Holy Bride of the Most High!

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