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3D Genome Roundtable: Pombo and Phillips-Cremins

Ep. 14

Ana Pombo and Jennifer Phillips-Cremins talk with senior editor Barbara Cheifet about how new methods to look at the 3D genome are providing insights into the links between genome structure and cellular function.

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  • 21. Protein Design Roundtable: Deane and Grigoryan

    For our special Focus Issue, Chief Editor Barbara Cheifet talks with Charlotte Deane and Gevorg Grigoryan about applying new machine learning methods to protein structure prediction and protein design. We discuss exciting new technologies and their current and future clinical applications.
  • 20. Super Resolution and Expansion Microscopy Roundtable: Boyden and Danzl

    Microscopy methods today are enabling researchers to see small details within cells, previously undetectable by light microscopy. Chief Editor Barbara Cheifet speaks with Drs. Ed Boyden and Johann Danzl about the technological advances and challenges in the fields of super resolution and expansion microscopy.
  • 19. Single-cell metabolomics Roundtable: Alexandrov and Le

    Single-cell metabolomics is focused on detecting, understanding, and interpreting metabolites and lipids at single-cell resolution. Theodore Alexandrov and Anne Le discuss recent technical advances in the field with Chief Editor Barbara Cheifet.
  • 18. Microbiome Roundtable: Fischbach and Mazmanian

    Chief Editor Barbara Cheifet speaks with Drs. Michael Fischbach and Sarkis Mazmanian about recent work uncovering functional roles for our microbiomes and what is needed to bring microbiome therapies to the clinic. 
  • 17. Xenotransplantation Roundtable: Locke and Sykes

    Jayme Locke and Megan Sykes discuss advances in xenotransplantation with Chief Editor Barbara Cheifet, including details of the recent transplants of pig heart and kidney into braindead patients, as well as the questions researchers and clinicians are asking next. 
  • 16. Human Cell Atlas Roundtable: Regev and Teichmann

    Aviv Regev and Sarah Teichmann talk with Senior Editor Barbara Cheifet about the development and exciting recent progress of the Human Cell Atlas project.
  • 15. PROTACs Roundtable: Bertozzi and Deshaies

    Senior Editor Markus Elsner has a discussion with Ray Deshaies and Carolyn Bertozzi about PROTACs, small molecules that have the potential to treat previously-undruggable targets in clinical applications.
  • 13. CRISPR Screening Roundtable: Stegmaier and Doench

    Kimberly Stegmaier and John Doench speak with senior editor Markus Elsner about the history and latest developments in the field of CRISPR screening.