Formula Indie


Juba Night Show 13-12-2019

Formula Indie Music Showcase Originally Broadcasted on City FM 88.4 Mhz Juba

Tracklist -

Lady Majestic- Against My Better Judgement



Aidan BlackAll Night

The Break PlansLipstick Number (Remix by tangerine beams)

The last PetalNever Seem to Shy

Jay R. StephensGive It Up

Hola ChicaMirage

Nathan & JessieMi Corazon

Carson C LeeCubanos

dezabelAnother Drink

Mia MorminoStuck

Ontay D'ArtistVision


Holy Mattress MoneyHand over heart

Sarah KrimsonBurning London

Skye RocketRoller Coaster Eyes

HalflivesRockstar Everyday

Sofia Evangelina Smile

USEFace Matter

ClaveeMe or you

Kid KnarlyWant me around

Tobtok x Adam Griffin

Just Can't Get Enough

Zoe FergusonBeg for me

Kate VogelThe Grave

CarolineI know Better

Cliff Forget Me


Qwiet Type ...Chains....

The Chainsmokers x KygoFamily

What We LostEnough

From SandsEast

The Chainsmokers Sabrina ClaudioSee the way

DemienGiorni persi


Easy Jazz ProjectBerimbau

La Shanna Di me

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