Formula Indie


Formula Indie 08-01-2020

AVNI VIR VINEET - Twenty-Twenty 

Loving the Sun – There is no other girl

Osea Codega – Icy Eyes

Taylor Renee Marx - Overwhelming Love 

TOZ Antonio Piretti – My Angel Your Always

Donna Zed – Enough Years

Craymo – December Rain

Soundstream – New Days

Taylor Renee Marx - Overwhelming Love 

David Raynolds - This Is The End

Donna Zed – At the end of the day

Donna Zed – High on desire

Donna Zed – My voice

Donna Zed – Say it all

Loving the Sun – The Inside Light

Osea Codega – Make me feel

The Push – Atomic bomb

Valerio Andreola – Parlami di te

Tali Leda – Standstill

The Sphinx – Tempo di Planck

Tiger Dek – Vita D'altri

Ace Diamond - Get Your Boogie Woogie Workin 

Acquablag – I Feel Loved

Allocai – Hush

Jennie J – Chevy Girl

Roberto Pezzini – Manca

Ronnue fet Roc Phizzle – Be Your Freak

Lenny – Alzo le mani (feat. Samuel Rizza)

La Shanna – Di me

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