Formula Indie


FORMULA INDIE 02.02.2020

Sekou Andrews & The String Theory - The Music Movement

Ronnue – Be Your Freak (Retro- House)

Israel – Just be in a good mood

Valerio Andreola - Parlami di te

Taylor Renee Marx - Overwhelming Love

L'enciclopedia dei limiti - All'ombra di marzo

Monsieur Job – Gucci Celine

Christopher the Grey – Butterflies

Kristen Karma - Dear John (Feat. Marian Hanna, Mr ATP)

Daniela Mastrandrea – Numa

Marcello Romeo – Ghibli


Karoshi-I'm Awake

Soundstream – New Days

Tali Leda – Standstill

Cabinet of Millionaires vs Zion Train - Stop The Coup

Acquablag – The Mighty Cozzi’s

Rogério Baraquet – Dhana

J. Maurice – Favors

Valentina Gautier – Corri che corre il tempo

Jester in Jail – Now are nothing under the morning light

The Push – Atomic Bomb

Sharmila – Burning For You (Club Mix)

Osea Codega – Icy Eyes

Terrorist of Romance – Always choose wrong

Gino McKoy feat. Diamond – Sensy Girl

Metrica – Un'altra occasione

Destiny Malibu – Sweet Persuasion

Frankie Prada – God Bless The Trap

DevilsOfMusic - Turn Up

Easy Jazz Project - Instalacao do Samba

Demien – Giorni persi

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