Formula Indie


Formula Indie 01-12-2019

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Giuliano Bruscantini – Amami amami

Davie Simmons – Halcyon Days

Leti Dafne – Pizza e mandolino

Simone Baldelli – Tu sai perché

CEEM – Better than that

Donna Zed – Enough Years

Samuel Holkins – Ciao étè

Marco Da Rold's Ghost Train - Bowl Of The Wild

Traindeville – Monsters

Gianlupo – DohaJack Frusciante è rientrato nel gruppo – Se domani piove

2hurt – Crucify Me

Mike P. Fitzpatrick – Over there ft. Gosh da Reel

Angela Fenton - You're Beautiful To Me

AVA – Ava

Szandra Mayer – Summertime is Here

Mo-Nitta – Party and get crazy

Gianmarco Oliva – Liberi

Anya Kay – Roses are red

Cris Vola – Ci sarai

Lenny – Supporta Chico (feat. Luca Chiari e Rok)

Manuel Aspidi – Let Out This Light

Donna Zed – Into the dark

S Sponji Living – I Love You (Remix)

Carina T – Too real

Jaleel Young – Sasha

Donna Zed – Bold

Manuel Aspidi – Let Out This Light

Damoyee Jamai – Independent

DawgGoneDavis - Baby I Have Words a Tribute to Ronnie VanZan

Ashi – Ditemi voi come si fa

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