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Forgotten Legends

Among The Stars: Bad Vac

Season 1, Ep. 1

A Spaceship, dock, space station, and asteroids incoming. Why are the bay doors opening? We're venting atmosphere into the vacuum no!

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  • 4. Among The Stars: It's Theoretical and Hypothetical

    Casey is flying solo on this one. Will they be able to handle it or royally mess up and single-handedly ruin everything for everyone?!
  • 3. Among The Stars: Wibbly, Wobbly, Mindy, Windy

    What is an AI? What is the human mind? What is the base essence that ties us all together in this universe? I don't know, just hit the GO button.
  • 2. Among The Stars: Just a couple of engineers

    Rhen starts to work on his project to protect his brain, meets a kindred soul, and the does some active scrap collection... Wink wink..
  • 1. Among The Stars: New Crew Collection

    With Selma off to the inky void to seek their fortune the group picks up a new job and some new crew members as well as an unexpected surprise.
  • 9. Among The Stars: Hot Lead Hotel

    Mori Naur is in the building, so is Mith, AND HERE COMES TAG FROM THE TOP ROPE! Well more like up the stairs... Oh no Selma got the shocker! Or something like that happens you should listen to find out.
  • 8. Among The Stars: Mori Naur On The Move

    Plans are in motion as Tag and Selma sit down to get information with Selma's partner Bren. Casey is working on secret agent Rhen. Mith is getting ready to face some old teammates and Chili No Beans is putting in work on the ship.
  • 7. Among The Stars: All Prep No Work

    The Tag-Alongs and Selma Fonno (Played by David Collins-Rivera) make plans to deal with Mith's past and it seems some of Casey's past is coming back around as well. What ever will they do? Also Chilli No-Beans says "Hi"
  • Among The Stars: Interview with the players - Mark

    We have a sit down chat with Mark about his character Casey.For anything podcast related email us at
  • 6. Among The Stars: Paperwork, Pasts, and People

    The gang finishes up their interview, picks up a small job with an interesting passenger, and work the system to get off Euralis station and back into the fold!