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So after 35 years on this earth, I found out I may have a condition called Dyspraxia, a developmental co-ordination disorder (DCD) which is a common disorder that affects your movement and co-ordination. Also symptoms of Dyslexia and ADHD, which I didn't know were symptoms! It actually makes so much sense now that I know what it is & heard others experiences.. struggling to complete sentences, foggy memory... coordination, balance, organisation, focus etc. This all falls under 'neurodivergence' - Neurodivergence includes Attention Deficit Disorders, Autism, Dyslexia and Dyspraxia.It finally all makes sense... I am so glad to have found this out and did some research.. its actually improved things a little :) Thanks to all my twitter followers for being so helpful with this, helping me identify it and provide resources (below)I've edited this video less so you can hear what my natural cadence is when filming these vlogs & the podcastLet me know your experience & thoughts in the comments below!More information on Dyspraxia, ADHD & Dyslexia: CAN HEAR THE FULL PODCAST ON THE GO HERE:🎧 SUBSCRIBE on Apple Podcasts:🎙 SUBSCRIBE on Spotify:🎬 SUBSCRIBE on YouTube:🤝FOLLOW:💰SUPPORT:🌍WEBSITE:

The Incredible Story of Jose Lopez - Founder of Lowrider Tattoo - Finding The Abilities Within Disability

This is Jose Lopez, one of the top tattoo artists in the world and founder of Lowrider Tattoo. While being world-famous for his work, he has never told his story in depth publicly, until now!Born in Mexico, Jose moved to California with his family for a better life at age 12, but only a few years later, an accident occurred which put Jose in a wheelchair for life.How he has gone from that life-changing moment to where he is today, makes this one of the most inspirational conversations I have ever had. Jose's perspective on life is something we can all learn from. There were 4 of us in the room when we recorded and it was truly life-changing for all of us.This episode is a bit longer than usual, but I encourage you to listen/watch wherever you are, whether you're cleaning the house or commuting to/from work... whatever you're doing, even if you do it in parts, watch till the end.This is the Incredible story of Jose Lopez… Enjoy!YOU CAN HEAR THE FULL PODCAST ON THE GO HERE:🎧 SUBSCRIBE on Apple Podcasts:🎙 SUBSCRIBE on Spotify:🎬 SUBSCRIBE on YouTube:🤝FOLLOW:💰SUPPORT:🌍WEBSITE:

Finding Your Purpose and Taking The Leap | Nick Sagar | Ryan Nile Show

Ep. 77
This is Nick Sagar’s most in-depth interview he has ever done This podcast is all about Powerful Life Stories that Motivate & Inspire and todays episode is exactly that. Im joined by Nick Sagar, a british born Actor based out of Los Angeles who you may have seen in movies and shows like Tyler Perrys The haves and the have nots, Shadowhunters, Queen of the south, Supergirl, Ill Manors & The Princess Switch with Vanessa Hudgens on NetflixI got to sit down with Nick to explore his incredible journey into acting. We also happen to be cousins, so naturally, we get DEEP! This episode is all about finding your purpose, taking the leap and going with the flow… which Nick has continuously done. We recorded this in LA 2 hours before my flight departed back to UK..but we still had a great wide-ranging relaxed conversation I’m sure you’ll get a lot from. You can follow Nick on instagram @NickDSagarYou can watch the full episode on YouTube:🎬 SUBSCRIBE on YouTube:💰SUPPORT:🤝FOLLOW:🌍WEBSITE:http://nile.showEPISODE NOTES:- Starting in acting- Recreating scenes from the Real McCoy- Getting into Streetdancing, Breakdancing & starting a dance crew- How breakdancing got him into Martial Arts (Taekwon Do)- Getting influenced by older brother & uncle, dad- Being exposed to culture easier back in the 90s (Physicals collections)- Growing up mixed. Jamaican & Guyanese heritage.. not fitting in but that being a blessing. Bonding with his brothers and sister- Knowing when Acting was the path, falling in love with it- Gravitating towards a dangerous model of ‘success’- Having an amazing support system- Going from Football into Dance, beingmisinterpreted as a pushover- Stopping dancing because of the perception- Hearing an inner voice ’STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING AND GET BACK ACTING!’- Why he had to be tunnel vision in getting to his goal- Wanting to be a doctor initially, to find a cure to sickle cell, to cure his older brother- Why he wanted a free life and why acting could help him achieve that- Being broke, Why having something to lose helped him pick the right path- Not earning anything he could live off for 10 years- Being very specific in his goals helped him achieve his goals. Digging deep- Getting his first movie credit in 2009 in an independent movie- Taking part in iPop a competition in LA for actors- Training in acting and martial arts- How you do anything is how you do everything- Getting back into Martial Arts- The reality of living in LA as a working actor- First experience of being known from acting. Being in popular shows- Learning lessons from Tyler Perry- Meeting Oprah on the first day of ‘Have and the have nots’- Having his first scene watched by Tyler Perry & Oprah- Knowing your purpose and plan your assault, know what’s for you- Learning from Vanessa Hudgens, how she operates on set and always being prepared- Being Nice & Professional takes you far- How ambition can takeover your peace when it manifests as desperation- Going with the flow, why coincidences are signs

One Sentence Can Change Your Life! Curbing Male Suicide with Leon Lewis, founder of The Man Talk

Ep. 75
The Man Talk is a platform for elevating and uplifting men through conversation. Leon Lewis with co-founder Terroll Lewis, started the Man Talk in early 2019 with an event that brought 350 men from all walks of life, together with a set of panelists to discuss through topics and subjects men don't usually speak about together.I sat down with Leon to discusses why he started The Man Talk and what the effect has been so far. We also explored what it was like growing up with a schizophrenic father & keeping it a secret from friends for years, dropping out of school, the power of audiobooks, accountability and so much more.A big goal for The Man Talk is to help curb male suicide, and especially at this time of year where loneliness and depression is especially high. If you are affected, please use the information below:Samaritans #suicideprevention hotline:Freephone 116 123Open 24 hours, 365 daysNational debt line:Freephone 0808 808 40009am - 8pm (Mon - Fri)9:30 - 1pm (Sat)If you’re struggling please give them a call, things can be especially difficult this time of year ❤️Connect with The Man Talk & Leon online: can hear the full podcast on the go on Apple Podcasts & Spotify:PODCAST:🎧 SUBSCRIBE on Apple Podcasts:🎙 SUBSCRIBE on Spotify:🎬 SUBSCRIBE on YouTube:💰SUPPORT:🤝FOLLOW:🌍WEBSITE:http://nile.showEPISODE NOTESHow Man talk startedLeon Going through depressionMale friend groups, sharing, and vulnerabilityWhat is depression?Dad diagnosed as schizophrenic & keeping it as a secret for 12 yearsTelling friends for the 1st time at 16Calling people “crazy” / skitsLooking after your mental health & Understanding issues that come upChanging the term Mental healthMan Talk Event, 350 males in a safe spaceSuicide being number 1 cause of death for males under 45How do you Approach friends who are experiencing MHI? Breaking through WhatsApp groupsLow friction touch points.. easy to check in but not really find outAccountabilityAdding ingredients to your life to improve your stateWater fastingStarting new habits, being rubbish at the startChasing happiness, finding your meaningWhyThe easy route isn't the easy routeWhy do men commit suicide?Conversations bring us closerImagining your dreams in 'real' termsRethinking vision boardsReading vs Audiobooks. Being kicked out of schoolYou can change som bodies life with a sentenceChanging the voices in your headWe can healThe Man Talk 2020Why Accountability makes you betterClichés bring trueBooks

Therapy, Dealing With Emotions & Expectations | The Corner with Alex Manzi & Alex Reads | Ryan Nile Show

Ep. 73
*CROSSPOST* THE FOLLOWING EPISODE IS FROM RYAN NILE SHOW *CROSSPOST*I was honoured to be invited to the Dreamer's Disease podcast by Alex Manzi along with prolific podcaster Alex Reads. We had a wicked open chat on everything you don’t usually hear guys talking about...🙏🏾 Dealing with Emotions🤝Checking on Friends👩🏾Finding a therapist💙Love languages🙅🏾Creating boundaries for yourself🤔Expectations vs happiness.. & so much more. 🙌🏾I loved having this conversation and hope everyone (particularly men) get a lot from this episode!.. listen here onApple: there is someone you feel would benefit from hearing this conversation then please make sure you share it with a friend who would enjoy listening and really take something from it :)PODCAST:🎧 SUBSCRIBE on Apple Podcasts:🎙 SUBSCRIBE on Spotify:🎬 SUBSCRIBE on YouTube:🤝CONNECT: Alex Manzi:IG: @iamalexmanziTwitter: @iamalexmanziYouTube: Alex Reads:IG: @alexreadsPodcasts: Time To Talk & Mostly Lit🌍WEBSITE:

Turning Waste Materials Into Streetwear with Founder of 10T, James Marshall

Ep. 72
Red Bull Amaphiko Academy is an 8 day course for grassroots social entrepreneurs in the UK who are making a positive difference in their community. The Academy aims to give them the inspiration, mentorship and practical skills and tools they need to take themselves and their projects to the next level.There were 15 social entrepreneurs taking part in the academy, and I was lucky enough to feature a couple of them on my show to discuss their projects and purpose.In todays episode I sit down with James Marshall founder of 10T which creates cool clothes from old tents left at festivals.The project tries to address the wasted textile problem throughout different industries in the UK by developing these wasted materials into streetwear. 10T’s first project this year we are collecting tents left at music festivals and developing these into jackets, bum bags and bucket hats. It was estimated that 250,000 tents were left at music festivals in 2018 alone and 90% of this material goes to landfill and incinerator. This material can still be used and the majority of the tents left have only be used for the festival and the material is of good quality. James studied a Masters degree in Environmental Sustainability and saw the figures for textile waste in the UK. he has also been involved in fashion his whole life. He worked in fashion retail for 5 years and he was a model for Established London for a year so he always had a love fashion and he knew he was interested in the industry. This is why he came up with the concept of 10T, to combine his knowledge on waste management and create a clothing company.Website: https://www.10tonline.comInstagram:🎧 SUBSCRIBE on Apple Podcasts:🎙 SUBSCRIBE on Spotify:🎬 SUBSCRIBE on YouTube:😀SUPPORT:🤝CONNECT:🌍WEBSITE: