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Behind The Global Trend To Conceal Rather Than Reveal with Author, Hafsa Lodi

I sat down with Hafsa Lodi, author of "Modesty: A Fashion Paradox" for a very interesting conversation around fashion, what being modest means and how that is being implemented across cultures and men & womens fashion and culture.Not being super into fashion myself, I loved exploring this topic as it brought up many interesting points and unconscious behaviours, such as:Is wearing logos or blatant branding, modest?Whats the difference between Middle Eastern, cultural modesty and modest fashion as a Western, feminist movement?Whats different about the means modest fashion movement?In what ways is our generation addict to fashion and consumerism?How do interns and motivations factor in modest fashion?Do the purposes of social media conflict with deeper ideals of modesty?How are modest fashion bloggers creation content during quarantine? + More!Are you modest?I'd love to hear your thoughts & opinions on the topic below!You can buy the book here:MODESTY: A FASHION PARADOXUNCOVERING THE CAUSES, CONTROVERSIES AND KEY PLAYERS BEHIND THE GLOBAL TREND TO CONCEAL, RATHER THAN REVEAL Hafsa on instagram: CAN HEAR THE FULL PODCAST ON THE GO HERE:🎧 SUBSCRIBE on Apple Podcasts:🎙 SUBSCRIBE on Spotify:🎬 SUBSCRIBE on YouTube:🤝FOLLOW:💰SUPPORT:🌍WEBSITE: #Fashion #HafsaLodi #RyanNileShow

Keep it Simple, Sweetie! 6 Steps Towards Clarity in a Complex World with Julia Hobsbawm OBE

During this lockdown I was lucky enough to 'sit down' with Julia Hobsbawm OBE is an acclaimed entrepreneur and author who put the concept of Social Health – connected behaviour as a form of wellbeing and productivity – on to the map.We got to discuss what life is like during lockdown while launching a book, Julia's TED Talk, 'Info Obesity' being mentored by Maya Angelou (YES MAYA ANGELOU!), and hanging out with my idol, Oprah Winfrey. Julia was once the legendary author Maya Angelou's book publicist and she first learned the 1950s’ design principle K.I.S.S. It stood for ‘Keep it Simple, Stupid’ – a term Angelou changed into the more elegant ‘Keep it Simple, Sweetie’. a concept that this book is hinged on. The Simplicity Principle is an essential guide for developing a clear, calm approach in life. It will help you achieve maximum creativity and improved focus in a world that tests the cognitive capacity of humans to their limit.I absolutely LOVED this conversation and I hope you get a lot from it, the principles in the book have already changed my life!Grab the book here: CAN HEAR THE FULL PODCAST ON THE GO HERE:🎧 SUBSCRIBE on Apple Podcasts:🎙 SUBSCRIBE on Spotify:🎬 SUBSCRIBE on YouTube:🤝FOLLOW:💰SUPPORT:🌍WEBSITE: #Focus #Productivity #RyanNileShow #JuliaHobsbawm

Influencing The Subconscious & Calming Anxiety with MEYA

Feeling anxious or stressed? Having stressful dreams? This is for you.This show is all about inspirational people and stories that will motivate and inspire you and today we have an episode this is quite apt for the times we’re living in - for context, we are in the 4th week of lockdown in the UK and people are getting a bit stir crazy, I have personally had to adapt how I create this show, the youtube videos and interact with you all.Well todays guest is here to talk about something that can helpRaffaella Ricci is the founder of MEYA. MEYA is an app that does meditation differently. MEYA Mind Journeys use the power of music and binaural beats to switch you into a meditative state. All you have to do is listen. I've been using it and I love it! It brings me calm and into #alphastate quite quickly. Meya uses binaural beats (tones that play at a certain frequency) + music + affirmations that act as a shortcut into your brains alpha state, you know that feeling right before you fall asleep or right before you wake up. In this state, the brain is open to the subconscious - this is where Meya steps in, to feed the subconscious positive messages of your choosing. Its really powerful! We discussed the science behind binaural beats, neurolinguistic programming, techniques to work on your mind and ancient alchemy, and how Meya has packaged this in a modern way. Hear how and why this app works so well, especially in time of global pandemic, quarantine & lockdown!Premium is currently free to all users, I highly recommend it!Links: CAN HEAR THE FULL PODCAST ON THE GO HERE:🎧 SUBSCRIBE on Apple Podcasts:🎙 SUBSCRIBE on Spotify:🎬 SUBSCRIBE on YouTube:🤝FOLLOW:💰SUPPORT:🌍WEBSITE: #Meditation #ManagingAnxiety #RyanNileShow

Quarantine Life in Taiwan during Coronavirus with Juanita Ingram

"Everything that you're going through, we already did a month ago!" - Juanita IngramToday we have another Conversation In Quarantine, straight from self-isolation in Taiwan!Ingram is an American born lawyer, actress and author and a mother of two. Juanita and her family are based in Taiwan, having lived in London and the US - this made this conversation particularly special, as she has a pretty unique perspective on everything #coronavirus. Especially the differences in response from Asia/Europe/USTaiwan was impacted pretty early on, in January 2020, and it has been largely praised for its response to the virus, having relatively low case numbers - Taiwan to date only has 200 or so cases and a few deaths, compared to a number of other western countries with much higher numbers. Traveling back to the UK after a period of isolation in Taiwan, Juanita was shocked by the UK, USA and Europes response. Because of the west's lack of preparation, Taiwan is now in a SECOND lockdown period.So what we're all going through, Juanita has done twice in the past few months (with two kids!) Naturally, there was a lot to talk about and it was really positiveThere is light at the end of the tunnel!We discuss:• Life during coronavirus currently and also in the past living in Taiwan, compared to the UK AND USA.• Her tips for living under quarantine and during self-isolation/a lockdown, including wellbeing and mental health• Why Social distancing and self-isolation WORKS• Why you should choose PEACE over PANIC! Check out her 14-day quarantine journal called Peace over Panic (links below)• Parenting tips for self-isolation and homeschooling• The theme of her Self-help wellbeing book called Fabulous, Faithful and Free• How she has built a global career as a mother of two young kids, operating as a CEO, actress, lawyer and an author.• The reason she started her charity 'dress for success' and what tips she can give those who have been made redundant as a result of this virus.• The challenges of being a female leader, while being a parent in isolation• Making ENCOURAGEMENT as viral as the virus!Follow Juanita:'Peace over Panic' e-book: sales donated to her charity Dress For Success Greater London'Fabulous, Faithful and Free': (paperback also via Juanita's website, the proceeds of the books will be donated to her charity Dress For Success Greater London)Fabulous, Faithful and Free (e-book/kindle version) website:⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ RATE THIS PODCAST⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐: CAN HEAR THE FULL PODCAST ON THE GO HERE:🎧 SUBSCRIBE on Apple Podcasts:🎙 SUBSCRIBE on Spotify:🎬 SUBSCRIBE on YouTube:🤝FOLLOW RYAN:💰SUPPORT:🌍WEBSITE: #SelfIsolation #Wellbeing