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Journey from Rock frontman to AOC Photographer and In Demand Movie Producer with Jesse Korman

Jesse Korman grew up on the New Jersey punk and metal scene during the time when a lot of the music from that area was inspiring a huge movement in rock culture around the world that was finding its way into the mainstream. His band, The Number 12 Looks Like You, went on to playing a pivotal role in metalcore and develop a cult following from Japan to the UK to the United States. Over the years, he’s used the DIY ethics and overall spirit of tearing down any obstacle in the way that he learned from the scene he grew up in to become one of the most in demand photographers and movie producers around.Notable photographer, filmmaker, writer, and musician.Full-time creative producer at Yale Productions – one of the most in demand up-and-coming production companies in film.Recently directed and produced the emotionally engaging and hope-inspiringnewmusic video for“Better Now”by The Juliana Theory for Equal Vision Records.Co-produced thenew film “Panama” starring Mel Gibson and Cole Hauser.Co-produced “Chick Fight”starring Malin Ackerman and Alec Baldwin.Co-producedthe Indie Thriller “Red 48”starring John Malkovich and Tyrese Gibson.Has shot movie posters with actors such as Kurt Russell, Ron Perlman, Alicia Silverstone, and Christian Slater as a photographer.Served as the photographer for the campaign that launched Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez into Congress.Chosen by the legendary B&H Photo/Video as the subject for a talk on “Filmmaking during Covid-19”alongside John Malkovich.Frontman and primary songwriter for the seminal post-hardcore band TheNumber 12 Looks Like Youwho have developed a sizeable international following, been covered everywhere from Revolver Magazine, Kerrang to Alternative Press and charting 3 times on Billboard’s “Heat Seakers” Charts .FindJesseKormanon the Web:Website|Instagram|IMDB

Behind The Global Trend To Conceal Rather Than Reveal with Author, Hafsa Lodi

I sat down with Hafsa Lodi, author of "Modesty: A Fashion Paradox" for a very interesting conversation around fashion, what being modest means and how that is being implemented across cultures and men & womens fashion and culture.Not being super into fashion myself, I loved exploring this topic as it brought up many interesting points and unconscious behaviours, such as:Is wearing logos or blatant branding, modest?Whats the difference between Middle Eastern, cultural modesty and modest fashion as a Western, feminist movement?Whats different about the means modest fashion movement?In what ways is our generation addict to fashion and consumerism?How do interns and motivations factor in modest fashion?Do the purposes of social media conflict with deeper ideals of modesty?How are modest fashion bloggers creation content during quarantine? + More!Are you modest?I'd love to hear your thoughts & opinions on the topic below!You can buy the book here:MODESTY: A FASHION PARADOXUNCOVERING THE CAUSES, CONTROVERSIES AND KEY PLAYERS BEHIND THE GLOBAL TREND TO CONCEAL, RATHER THAN REVEAL Hafsa on instagram: CAN HEAR THE FULL PODCAST ON THE GO HERE:🎧 SUBSCRIBE on Apple Podcasts:🎙 SUBSCRIBE on Spotify:🎬 SUBSCRIBE on YouTube:🤝FOLLOW:💰SUPPORT:🌍WEBSITE: #Fashion #HafsaLodi #RyanNileShow

Keep it Simple, Sweetie! 6 Steps Towards Clarity in a Complex World with Julia Hobsbawm OBE

During this lockdown I was lucky enough to 'sit down' with Julia Hobsbawm OBE is an acclaimed entrepreneur and author who put the concept of Social Health – connected behaviour as a form of wellbeing and productivity – on to the map.We got to discuss what life is like during lockdown while launching a book, Julia's TED Talk, 'Info Obesity' being mentored by Maya Angelou (YES MAYA ANGELOU!), and hanging out with my idol, Oprah Winfrey. Julia was once the legendary author Maya Angelou's book publicist and she first learned the 1950s’ design principle K.I.S.S. It stood for ‘Keep it Simple, Stupid’ – a term Angelou changed into the more elegant ‘Keep it Simple, Sweetie’. a concept that this book is hinged on. The Simplicity Principle is an essential guide for developing a clear, calm approach in life. It will help you achieve maximum creativity and improved focus in a world that tests the cognitive capacity of humans to their limit.I absolutely LOVED this conversation and I hope you get a lot from it, the principles in the book have already changed my life!Grab the book here: CAN HEAR THE FULL PODCAST ON THE GO HERE:🎧 SUBSCRIBE on Apple Podcasts:🎙 SUBSCRIBE on Spotify:🎬 SUBSCRIBE on YouTube:🤝FOLLOW:💰SUPPORT:🌍WEBSITE: #Focus #Productivity #RyanNileShow #JuliaHobsbawm