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Introducing: Be My Guest with Ina Garten

If you're enjoying Food Network Obsessed, you may also like Be My Guest with Ina Garten, from Food Network. Listen to Ina's episode with Frank Bruni here, and follow Be My Guest with Ina Garten wherever you get your podcasts.

Join the party as Ina Garten invites friends old and new into her East Hampton home for good food and great conversation. With personal stories shared over cocktails and favorite recipes, each podcast episode features direct audio and exclusive, extended interviews from Be My Guest with Ina Garten, her multi-platform series for Warner Bros. Discovery.

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  • Brooke Williamson on Becoming a Triple Threat Titan

    Chef Brooke Williamson shares how she became one of Bobby Flay's titans on Bobby’s Triple Threat, describing the intense yet authentic atmosphere of the show and reflecting on memorable moments. She discusses the dynamics among fellow titans Michael Voltaggio and Tiffany Derry, highlighting their growing camaraderie and mutual support. Brooke delves into her role as a judge on BBQ Brawl, where she admires the barbecue chefs' skill and dedication and notes the unique team dynamics this season. She shares her excitement over her highly anticipated cookbook, Sunkissed Cooking, which emphasizes produce-forward dishes inspired by her upbringing in Los Angeles. Brooke opens up about the challenges of writing her cookbook, highlighting the lengthy process of recipe writing, testing, and editing. The chef shares her struggle with the meticulousness required, contrasting it with her usual instinctive cooking style, but expresses pride in the final product.  Follow Food Network on Instagram: HERE Follow Jaymee Sire on Instagram: HERE Follow Brooke Williamson on Instagram: HERE Follow Brooke Williamson on Twitter: HERE Learn More About Bobby’s Triple Threat: HERE Learn More About BBQ Brawl: HERE 
  • Brittney "Stikxz" Williams on Blending Jamaican Heat with Italian Flair

    Chef Brittney "Stikxz" Williams delves into the roots of her nickname, “Chef Stikxz,” tracing it back to her childhood. She discusses how her vibrant Jamaican heritage serves as the cornerstone of her culinary creations. She recounts a pivotal moment during her college years, where her trajectory shifted from sports management to culinary arts, underscoring the profound impact of food in fostering connection. Stikxz offers a glimpse into her initial impressions of the Ciao House hosts, Alex Guarnaschelli and Gabe Bertaccini, noting their blend of nurturing support and disciplined guidance. She intricately describes her approach to melding Jamaican and Italian flavors on the show, drawing upon her deep understanding of both cultures' culinary traditions and techniques. The chef reflects on her immersive pasta-making sessions with authentic Italian nonnas, emphasizing the transformative power of slowing down and fully immersing oneself in the culinary process. Brittney offers insights into her catering enterprise, BWC Catering, unveiling her aspirations for dream collaborations and forthcoming projects.  Follow Food Network on InstagramFollow Jaymee Sire on InstagramFollow Brittney "Stikxz" Williams on Instagram Learn More About Ciao House
  • Viet Pham on Beating Bobby Flay Three Times

    Viet Pham delves into his culinary journey, highlighting the competitive spirit that has driven his success in numerous Food Network competitions, including triumphing over Bobby Flay three times. He discusses his strategic move from fine dining to a fast-casual concept, emphasizing the scalability and broader appeal of his hot chicken. Viet shares his deep connection to fried chicken, rooted in his childhood as an immigrant in America, and how he perfected his recipe by incorporating fine dining techniques and Vietnamese flavors, such as fish sauce. He dishes on the dynamics of running Pretty Bird with his wife, Alexis, and the challenges and rewards of their partnership. The chef reflects on the honor of sharing his story on a national stage, aiming to inspire other chefs grappling with cultural identity. He reveals the secret to making great fried chicken, blending flour and starch for the perfect crunch and crispness.  Follow Food Network on Instagram:   Follow Jaymee Sire on Instagram:  Follow Viet Pham on Instagram:  Follow Viet Pham on Twitter: 
  • Alex Guarnaschelli on Bringing Ciao House to Puglia

    Alex Guarnaschelli returns to share her excitement about the upcoming season of Ciao House, set in the picturesque region of Puglia, Italy. She discusses her dynamic with co-host Gabe Bertaccini and contrasts Puglia's distinct culinary landscape with that of Tuscany from the first season. Guarnaschelli praises the villa's rich array of local ingredients, emphasizing the authenticity and flavor they bring to the show. She candidly addresses the contestants' unpredictable nature and the intense, emotional atmosphere of the competition, highlighting the playful and supportive relationship she shares with Bertaccini, which adds depth to the show's narrative. The chef delves into her experience hosting Supermarket Stakeout, where she thrives on engaging with participants and adapting to unpredictable ingredients. Guarnaschelli also talks about her newest cookbook, Cook It Up, co-authored with her daughter Ava, emphasizing their collaborative cooking adventures and the inclusion of recipes that hold special significance in their family life.  Follow Food Network on Instagram:   Follow Jaymee Sire on Instagram:  Follow Alex Guarnaschelli on Instagram:  Follow Alex Guarnaschelli on Twitter:  Learn More About Ciao House:  Learn More About Supermarket Stakeout: 
  • Marcel Vigneron, Winner of 24 in 24: Last Chef Standing

    Marcel Vigneron reflects on his victory in the first season of 24 in 24: Last Chef Standing, discussing the emotional journey and his strong motivation to win the prize money for his mother's cochlear implant surgery. He offers behind-the-scenes insights, including his strategic dish planning and the camaraderie with fellow contestants. Marcel highlights the simplicity challenge as the most difficult, underscoring the importance of humility in a chef's success. He emphasizes valuing hard work, teamwork, and a positive attitude over raw talent in his staff, crediting life experiences and mistakes as crucial to his growth as a chef. He mentions that his staff at Lemon Grove were thrilled to watch him on the show and even showcased his competition dishes as specials. The chef shares his recent experience on Selena + Restaurant, where Selena Gomez impressed by successfully creating a lemon frozen yogurt dish. Marcel outlines his future plans, which include dedicating more time to his restaurants, possibly taking on more roles as a judge in cooking competitions, and finally embarking on the creation of his long-overdue cookbook.  Follow Food Network on Instagram:   Follow Jaymee Sire on Instagram:  Follow Marcel Vigneron on Instagram:  Follow Marcel Vigneron on Twitter:  Learn More About 24 in 24: Last Chef Standing: 
  • Jesse Palmer Tells Us What’s Hot on Summer Baking Championship

    Jesse Palmer, recently surprised to find himself as a question on Jeopardy, humbly rates his trivia knowledge at a modest six. He joyously discusses the transformative experience of becoming a new dad to his daughter, Ella, expressing heartfelt admiration for his wife Emily and the meticulous preparations they made for parenthood. Fondly reminiscing on cherished summer memories from his Canadian upbringing, Jesse eagerly anticipates the upcoming season with plans for unforgettable family adventures. Offering behind-the-scenes insights into filming Summer Baking Championship, Jesse delights in sharing anecdotes about the judges' distinct personalities and preferences, including Duff Goldman's infamous distaste for raspberry seeds. The TV personality hints at the thrilling challenges viewers can expect, teasing a special episode inspired by Shark Week and sharing his own exhilarating encounters swimming among the aquatic animals.  Follow Food Network on Instagram:   Follow Jaymee Sire on Instagram:  Follow Jesse Palmer on Instagram:  Follow Jesse Palmer on Twitter:  Learn More About Summer Baking Championship: 
  • Stephanie Boswell on Parisian Pastries & Chocolate Pianos

    Pastry chef Stephanie Boswell reflects on her recent hosting role on Food Network's Next Baking Master: Paris. She delves into the joys and trials of filming in the city's renowned locales and navigating studio kitchens. Alongside co-host chef Ludo Lefebvre, Stephanie infuses the show with a blend of wit and tough love, guiding a diverse set of contestants through the challenges of French-inspired cuisine. Stephanie talks about the exciting companion digital series that equips viewers with recipes and techniques to tackle classic French sweets at home, celebrating both Parisian allure and the craft of pastry-making. She recounts her Parisian escapades, from filming excursions to leisurely city strolls and paints a vivid picture of Paris's allure, from its vibrant markets to its pedestrian-friendly streets. Stephanie gives some Parisian recommendations and gastronomic delights, favoring the likes of beef tartare and steak frites. She reveals her penchant for collecting tattoos at each destination, alongside her recent foray into hand-painting chocolate pianos and his ambitions for crafting chocolate vases.Follow Food Network on Instagram: Jaymee Sire on Instagram: Stephanie Boswell on Instagram: More About Next Baking Master: Paris:
  • Mika Leon on Cuban Classics & Cooking Around the Clock

    Rising star chef Mika Leon shares her experience competing in the new around-the-clock culinary competition “24 in 24: Last Chef Standing” and what exactly was going through her mind when she stepped on set for the first time. Mika discusses the challenges and pressures of the competition, including a serious lack of sleep and how crucial it is to be resourceful. She talks about her culinary journey, from starting a humble dessert company in her mom's garage to opening her own restaurant, Caja Caliente. Mika emphasizes the importance of honoring her Cuban culinary traditions while infusing her own personal touch. She also shares her aspirations for the future, including scaling Caja Caliente nationally and publishing a cookbook.Follow Food Network on Instagram: Jaymee Sire on Instagram: Mika Leon on Instagram: More About 24 in 24 Last Chef Standing: