Season 2, Ep. 11

Swimming to top of the Majestic Creatures list: WHALES! And we love to showcase the majestic on Fluff! Listeners, you may be familiar with the Netflix Movie, #Seaspiracy and the astounding National Geographic’s #thesecretofwhales. Emma and Jess felt reconnected with our childhood adoration of whales. And we have researched even further to discover a bit more about the evolution of whales over 50 million years.


We reflect on the whaling industry and fishing industry and the facts and controversy around Seaspiracy. And honour how sacred Orcas are to the aboriginal people of British Columbia. 


We recommend these great sites for navigating further information about these incredible creatures:

🐳 www.orcaspirit.com

🐳 uk.whales.org 

🐳 www.whale-word.com

🐳 blog.nationalgeographic.com

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