Season 2, Ep. 18

Splish, splash who likes to get WET? it's summertime in the northern hemisphere and in this week's episode Jess and Emma take a DIVE into the magical world of swimming! Jess is a mermaid and loves to connect with the creatures of the sea and the breath of the earth, as long as the water isn't too too cold (although she's working on turning down the temperature). Emma on the other hand would prefer to swim in the arctic and would spend her whole life underwater if she could and feels most at home when floating in the wild!

Join your Fluff hosts as they share anecdotes about water and swimming experiences, tips for getting into swimming as adults, chats about diverse bodies and swim suits and the benefits of cold water swimming. Take a dip, dive in, immerse yourselves in this episode and get in touch if you have any stories or questions about swimming!

Emma has also started a queer swimming group at Portobello beach in Edinburgh with 15 members at this point but they are looking for more friends! If you are in Edinburgh and want to join, get in touch with Fluff and Emma will hook you up!

Happy, safe and restorative swimming Listeners <3

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