Season 1, Ep. 39

This episode is your very own Self-Love Spa Experience listeners. Sink in to Emma and Jess sharing their own journeys of growing and harnessing Self-Love. 

Take a plunge in our pool of developed self-love tools.

Relax into a soothing massage of our encouraging experiences. 

We share our #honesttruths of times when our self-compassion and self-worth was absent; and how with the support of therapy & a lot of challenging but committed work we can now say, “I LOVE MYSELF- and these are the reasons why...”

Fluff is our cherished platform to be open with our Listeners about the peaks and troughs of life; and to share with you our tried and tested methods of self-support, in order to make Fluff a space that our listeners can come to for compassion, assurance, laughter & visibility. Take care listeners and thank you for joining us. Always here for a chat if you need! 

Featuring shout-outs to the fabulous: @selfcare4yu @samthecosmicwitch 

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