School Life: Teen Years

Season 1, Ep. 37

Ooosh teen years can have their challenges right Listeners?! Perhaps puberty has commenced; hormones are racing; identity needs facing... but who the heck are we?! And the pressure from schools to learn, study, sit exams and get good grades can make for some challenging anxieties for our young adults. Join Emma and Jess as they pick-apart the struggles of their teen school life; but the lessons that was has enabled us to share with the next generation today!

But amidst the hurdles many of us may remember subjects that fascinated us (cough cough drama); and teachers that inspired us- who had faith in our growth!

We reflect upon the Pros & Cons of School Uniform and take an interesting look into reports that state a reduction in anxiety in high school students since moving to online learning during the pandemic of Covid-19! Every day is a school day listeners! But we know how we prefer to learn now 😉

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