Season 1, Ep. 40

Moving On UP and Moving On OUT! Emma is performing a Highland Fling up to Scotland this week for an exciting new chapter in her life. So Fluff spent an hour reminiscing on their multiple Moving House experiences and unpacking our #honesttruths of Renting in the City.

We’ve theatrically provided our Fluff Listeners with our finest tips for Room/ House Hunting; Preparing to Move; MOVING DAY! It struck us how many of our moves have been a fast removal from some challenging living circumstances. So it is with great joy that we announce Emma has had a joyful time preparing; planning and spreadsheeting for her new home. 

Even if you’re not planning a move soon, you will be blessed with another weekly update on some intriguing body functions that have... arisen?... for us this week:

Check out London’s first all-female removal company @vangirlsrule who we give a shout-out to in this episode!

Get in touch with your Moving Tips; Moving Memories & any new chapter updates! We love to hear from you!

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