Listeners this is Fluff’s first ever EPIC-sode! And what makes it epic? Well it is the Fluffiest episode and is entirely dedicated to long-time Fluff listener, JAMES! It’s James‘ birthday everybody! Getting to know James has been our sparkliest pleasure across the years, and this episode contains just a sprinkling of reasons why all of James’ friends and family think he is the BEST! 


We hope you love this surprise episode just for you James! And that you are kicked back in the squishiest cuddle puddle with Jake and Mona to tune in!

Thank you to all your loved ones who contributed to this EPIC-sode!


We would LOVE to do more EPIC-sodes! Got a special occassion you want Emma and Jess to Fluff up? Get in Touch! Thank you to James’ partner Jake for reaching out and allowing us to pour further glitter over the Birthday Babe.

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