Season 2, Ep. 25

Dear Listeners, an honest episode about living with anorexia, recovery & supporting the small voice that might stay with an individual. 

CW: Account of having anorexia & self-harm.


Through our Fluff journey Jess has felt less shameful & more comfortable to open up about experiencing anorexia and having support needs for long-term management. This has been made further doable due to supportive responses from Listeners. Fluff work to destigmatise anorexia & share our insights in to how to support a loved one with/ with a history of the mental illness.


Jess is keen to share her journey to laughter & new joy. Do not give up on anyone fighting this all-consuming & devastating battle. They have so much else to live and give. Emma was one of the first friends Jess felt able to open up to about her history & struggles. And this was because of Emma’s non-judgemental response & ability to see past the illness to the fun, caring & loving person inside. 


We hope this offers kindness & support to individuals with a lived experience & to loved ones. And to help others to learn more about what anorexia is and what it isn’t. Big Love as always. We are here for further support.

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