Animal Friends: Dogs and Cats

Season 1, Ep. 42

Here’s something to Yap about: a whole episode dedicated to our Furry Friends! Our Perfect Pets have brought us The Three Key FLUFF elements: Fun, Love and Friendship... and it seems like they are incapable of any Unfortunate Failure. 

Lap up Emma and Jess’s own Tails of dogs & cats through our lives; and then prick your ears up to hear interviews from our very own Fluff Listeners beloved fur-balls. Also, we have key information on Pet Ownership and Pet Care from our First Opinion Veterinarian friend, @franekts 

We hope you are panting with excitement for this feel-good episode. It is like rolling over and having your belly rubbed and behind your ears scratched. Thank you so much to our Special Guests: Miso, Eric, Mona, Darcy D, Demi Dog, Otis, Boris and Fran! 

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