Join best friends Emma and Jessica as they chat about how to have fun in adult life! Covering a new topic every Friday, Emma and Jess learn new things about each other and the wacky world around them while sharing a laugh and a drink. Sometimes serious, sometimes strange, always a good time, join the Fluff team on their #Fridays4Friendship!

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Emma Barr

Emma is a Canadian, Sagittarius, Lesbian, Vegan, Theatre Director and Education worker based in London! She trained in Musical Theatre and Drama in Education and works all over the UK with community groups young and old, sharing performing arts and creativity with everyone she meets. With a passion for Academics, she is currently studying Gender, Feminism and Sociology and loves to keep on learning and share knowledge with the world! She has a wife and a cat and her favourite drink is tied between a Moscow Mule and a Bloody Mary. (Emma is the head on top!) Twitter / Instagram: @ekdbarr

Jessica Amery