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Bop Or Flop - The Idea Of You (with Karla K) [Patreon Preview]

Karla K and Fionnuala have a sprawling conversation on The Idea Of You - the film adaptation of the book of the same name.

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    This week, Flop Culture is pressing pause on regular programming to bring you a taste of one of the many exclusive bonus episodes you can access if you sign up to, as well as getting monthly show previews, and early ad-free access to all main-feed episodes. Hope to see you there! -F x
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    Shauna O'Reilly, showbiz reporter for The Ian Dempsey Breakfast Show on Today FM, joins Fionnuala to discuss Jennifer Lopez's current flop era, and ponder what she can do to get out of it.TIMESTAMPSAn update on Normal People S2 + Sabrina Carpenter's new album Short 'n' Sweet: 0:40J Lo's Flop Era (with Shauna O'Reilly): 4:31Top of the Flops: 1:04:33LINKSFollow Shauna on Instagram!Come see Flop Culture live at Beyond The Pale - get tickets here!Get bonus content + ad free episodes on Patreon! Flop Culture on Instagram and TikTok!Editing: Adam Shanahan
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    Black And Irish founder Femi Bankole joins Fionnuala to staunchly defend Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight sequel, The Dark Knight Rises.LINKSFollow Femi on Instagram!Follow Black And Irish on Instagram!Follow Flop Culture on Instagram and TikTok!Get bonus content on Patreon - Adam Shanahan
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