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What really happened to that chocolate bar? hm...

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  • 8. Fast Living

    Modern society is living fast and doing everything fast. We are all caught up in this. We need to slow down our rhythms a little bit and look after ourselves. There are not only tasks and chores. We are here too, The tasks and chores will never end, so why not take a moment to yourself. Slow down a bit.You can only take care other at the level you can take care yourself. Are you taking care of yourself?

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  • 7. Manipulated Gaming Decisions or Not?

    Was wondering if we choose the games we play .. or we choose beacause of advertisment, promotions, sponsored reviwers etc. What you think?
  • 6. Looking for Good (Positive) News

    I only see and hear bad news on main stream media stations and newspapers. Have yo unoticed? Here are some links to a something more positive.
  • 5. Successful Streaming in 2021?

    That is an answer only you can answer. I am simply asking the question and talking about some things that might help you. Ultimately the success or failure is a personal matter, despite the fact the streaming is saturated. Doing something different or finding a niche could be the best answer. 
  • 4. Do Comapnies Care about Gamers / Gaming Communities?

    Do Comapnies Care about Gamers / Gaming Communities or just money?
  • 3. F2P | P2W | P2P | B2P and more...

    Economical models that created mediocracy in games.Economical models that help companies and drive players away.
  • 2. The Alphabet of Games

    How many stages of testing they need? is 24 enough? as many as the Greek alphabet? Alpha to Omega? I don'treally know.. do you?