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Five Minute Folklore

#15 - La Llorona

Ep. 15

Mexican folklore. La Llorona, or The Weeping Woman, has been told in many variations across generations. There are a few versions of the tale on this episode as well as a look at similarities to Greek and Aztec folklores, and how the stories have endured until this day. Is La Llorona merely a ghost story to scare children, or something more...?

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  • 34. #34 - Finale.

    This is the end. Thanks for listening! Contact at Buy bonus episodes at Support editing time at -Part of The Bob Shoy Podcast Network- Visit to discover other podcasts you may enjoy.
  • 33. #33 - Adze: Vampires of Africa

    Folklore from West Africa, specifically the areas of Cote d'Ivoire, Ghana, Togo, and Benin, that originate from the Ewe, Akan, Ashanti and Dahomey people.The story on this episode tells of the Adze, a creature with the ability to travel as a firefly to sneak into houses and drink the blood of children. Aside from the Adze, two other African vampires are also covered; the Asanbosam, and the Obayifo, otherwise known as the Asiman.Contact at
  • #32 - Strigoi: Vampires of Europe

    Folklore from Eastern Europe, specifically Romania and Croatia.The first of two episodes dedicated to vampire folklores. This episode looks at Strigoi, the inspiration for the most famous vampire of all; 'Dracula', from the novel by Bram Stoker. There is a retelling of the opening chapters of 'Dracula' on this episode, as well as the real-life Croatian story of 'Jure Grando'; the first man in historical record to be described as a vampire.Contact at
  • #31 - Curupira & Boto Encantos

    Folklore from Brazil.The Protector of the Amazon Forest; Curupira, and Transforming Party-loving Dolphins from the Amazon River; Boto Encantos.Contact at
  • 30. #30 - Sedna & Qivittoq

    Folklore from Greenland. The Goddess of the Sea; Sedna, and the exiled wandering spirit; Qivittoq.Contact at
  • 29. #29 - NyamiNyami

    The episode is all about the snake spirit river God; NyamiNyami, who lives within the waters of the Zambezi river, that runs between the African countries of Zambia and Zimbabwe. The story on this one is a retelling of actual events that occurred around the construction of the Kariba Dam in the 1950s.Contact at
  • 28. #28 - La Befana

    This festive episode of Five Minute Folklore takes a look at La Befana - the Christmas witch of Italy, who visits children to delivery gifts of the eve of Epiphany. There are many similarities between her and the more modern Santa Claus, although she is much more closely tied to the traditional Christian Christmas story.Contact at
  • #27 - Fatma Al Samha & Fatoom: Daughter of Beggars

    This episode features two stories; both longer than usual, from two different African countries - Sudan and Libya. The Sudanese story of Fatma Al Samha, or Fatma The Beautiful if one of the most well known folklores in the ahaji style, and the story of Fatoom is a very strange Libyan tale that I have barely any information on. Contact at
  • 26. #26 - Vila

    Slavic folklore originating in Serbia, but told over many European countries, Vila are nature spirits that are also fearsome warriors, and mesmerising dancers. Otherwise known as Wilis, they are also the inspiration for the ballet Giselle, and the Veela from the Harry Potter series.Contact at