The 5-4 Giving Guide: How to Help

We're sorry for bumming you out all year - but the antidote to a crumbling democracy is mutual aid! In this episode we've got some organizations that you can share your resources with, to help take the edge off of 2021's agony. Happy New Year! Better luck next year!

Here are links to the organizations that we talk about in this episode:

The Legal Aid Society of New York City - https://legalaidnyc.org/ (Peter)

International Refugee Assistance Project - https://refugeerights.org/ (Michael)

Texas Harm Reduction Alliance - https://www.harmreductiontx.org/ (Rhiannon)

Housing Justice for All - https://housingjusticeforall.org/ (Peter)

Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service - https://www.lirs.org/ (Michael)

Jane's Due Process - https://janesdueprocess.org/ (Rhiannon)

Louisiana Center for Children's Rights - https://lakidsrights.org/ (Peter)

Advocates for Children of New York - https://www.advocatesforchildren.org/ (Michael)

Texas Fair Defense Project - https://www.fairdefense.org/ (Rhiannon)

Rivers & Birds - http://www.riversandbirds.org/ (Michael, a gunner)

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