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Firefly - All Better Worlds

Et Tu Brutus?

Season 1, Ep. 2.5

Apologies for the delay! But we're back for the Episode 2 Finale - the crew of the Pandavas confront the local gangs and un-hand the culprits over for gang justice!

Come see how that plays out... if only things went smooth.

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  • 6. Problems on a Major Scale

    In this episode, the crew of the Pandavas continues their subterfuge at House Ocha's Summer Festival party - and and old friend shows up to help!Firefly All Better Worlds is a Real Play RPG set in the Firefly Universe (Whedon/Minear) and uses the Margaret Weiss Cortex Plus system - we hold no rights to any copyright material, but are simply enjoying our time playing in the Verse.
  • 6.1. Adventures in Crazysitting

    In this episode, Shi and the crew try to find their missing/kidnapped friend... and Raven talks Shi down from a rooftop.The crew of the Pandavas infiltrate House Ocha's Summer Masquerade party, being on their best behaviour.......for now.
  • 5.5. Abra-Cordavra! The Party girl has disappeared.

    In this episode, the characters go to Cordavra/Apocalyptica/Cordellia's seizezera - and later discover that the birthday girl and some others got their invitations to the "Companion House"... and now they're missing cake.More for Tiny!
  • 5.4. Brain Freeze

    While on the planet Circe, the crew of the Pandavas continues to take advantage of some quieter times and continue to explore Circe (and torture the storyteller)...When does the other shoe drop?
  • 5.3. Talk Circe to me...

    The crew of the Pandavas continue exploring the idyllic Homestead planet of Circe...Nothing can go wrong just shopping, right?
  • 5.2. Three ringed Circe

    Welcome to Firefly All Better Worlds! In this episode, the players torture Cliff by forcing him to continue playing an unexpected and randomly rolled "guide"... They also learn more about this apparent Utopian planet (Called Circe) that the Verse apparently has forgotten... Come enjoy the Hijinx!
  • 5.1. Freezer *Burn* (aka "The Lost Episode")

    In this episode, the crew goes shopping for fresh foods in space... but they are dubious on the source of the meat, even though they encounter a man named the Butcher...Come listen to our Hijinx!
  • 5.1. Black market mangos?

    In this episode, the Pandavas crew try to lay low for a bit, and take Tiny up on his offer of a place off the beaten star paths where they could possibly resupply and relax for a bit... only to find it's been turned into a farming station with some very interesting recruitment policies.
  • 4.2. Adventures in Mom-napping

    In this episode, the crew of the Pandavas goes to school and gets an abundance of schooling... no, wait, they GET schooled, roundly, because of Shi's mom.Also, please note that I edited this and the next out of sequence, so my intro in this episode is technically after the intro in the next! LOL Can't stop the signal, but you can break it! lolRemember - we're on Facebook (Firefly:All Better Worlds); Twitter & Universadon (@FireflyRPG_ABW); and email ('re also streaming from all of your favourite streaming service - like, subscribe, give us notes! Let us know what you like, dislike, etc. (constructive criticism please ;) ), and engage with the players!Hope you enjoy! Stay SHINY!