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Overcoming 7 Miscarriages [Baby Loss Awareness Week] #46

Ep. 46

"A drug named hope" #46 by Gurinder Mann

A story of "One womens courageous journey, through the majestic minefield we call life. From overcoming adversity to finding her voice & discovering her true calling. Gurinder now shows us that absolutely anything is possible when we live in hope & let our soul lead the way.."

Gurinder Mann shares her incredibly inspiring, emotive, raw and honest story on Find Your Voice this week. It should be noted the 9th October 2019 - 15th October 2019 is also Baby Loss Awareness week. So for that we have uploaded this special episode.

This episode features a woman, who shares her struggle of giving birth to a child and the adversity she had to overcome in experiencing 7 miscarriages. This was the first time I ever struggled to get my words out, after listening to a story and felt deep sorrow at the pain Gurinder and her husband felt through their journey.

As in true Find Your Voice style though, the lessons are in the journey and in the final results. This has a happy ending but it will teach us so so much if we allow it too. A truly inspiring lady, who has touched my heart, and I am sure will touch 1,000,000s of yours too.

For baby loss awareness week, if you have the chance to share this episode & the podcast to friends, families & peers we would truly appreciate it.

I sincerely hope you found this podcast useful and urge you to follow Gurinder's journey & check out his wonderful podcast.

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5 Ways to Change Your Perspective To Increase Happiness, Fulfilment & Find Your Voice #81

Ep. 81
"Perspective is everything" by Aren Deu #81Now one great thing about human being is we have the capability to take on a different perspective at any given time.For example, let me try to use my Mind reading tactics and see into your lives right now.For those of you who are driving to work, thinking my god, another day, I can’t wait for the weekend or to get this dreaded meeting out the way.How about we choose the perspective off, I have a beautiful car, that I can afford to fuel up, stay warm in and drive to work and attend meetings that people trust me in and earn a wage to enjoy my weekend antics?Simple right?But what about those of you listening to this on a weekend or at home just feeling sluggish or not with it? Thats okay BTW, but let's shift gears and your perspective here too.How much more fortunate are you than the millions of people who don’t have access to mobiles, warm centra healing, a roof over the head or the ability to consume information to help move them forward?How fortunate are you that at the press of a few buttons you can instantly change your state and mindset and become happier. For some that isn’t as easy, and they have a tougher task. Especially if they aren’t in a safe environment like yourself.So I think you get where I am going with this right?Sometimes what we see, experience, and believe is not completely valid or true.Now you can also do this with people too.I am sure many of us, myself included, have judged someone through our own thoughts, experiences and views. But have we taken a second to reflect back and think how is that person coping, or why are they acting this way?Now of course that particular example could just be that person being an absolute douche, but haven’t you done things you aren’t always proud off? Most likely when we see people act or say things that we often find strange, odd, offensive or “wrong” it comes from a place or experience way earlier than when they actually said it.I've had arguments or shall I call them disagreements that have only started because I’ve been frustrated about something entirely different I never settled.Crazy hey?Now this is an episode I want to expand on, maybe in the future because it really does drive everything we do. Our thoughts, actions and emotions are linked so heavily with our very own perspective but for now here are 5 quick ways to change your perspective:1. Look for something positive in every single situation. Sometimes this is more difficult than we can imagine. Having the majority of my adversities through losing people close to me, one thing I will forever be grateful for is having them in my life at one stage, having their relationships and those memories in my thoughts forever. Or how about losing your job? Something I have had many listeners reach out to me about. Great this shows you a few things. 1 THE ONLY security is your own development and skill set and this should never be sidelined whilst working for someone else. 2 maybe you have a chance to find a better venture or try something you always wanted. Or 3 well losing a job is better than losing something more important, like your health or someone near or dear to you.2. Always look at the end goal or bigger picture. I always have a mantra I live by and ask myself, when stuff goes wrong, what is this teaching me right now? How much better will I be in 6, 12 18 months time as a result of this experience? This helps trust me.3. Smile. So I suck at disagreements. I am either non cooperating or I’m like the worst person to ever get into a fight with. But one thing that has always helped is smiling! Honestly, next time your angry or upset or thinking in ways that dont serve you, force yourself to smile or laugh, or find something that makes you do it. Watch your state change and mood boost!4. Help people. When you help those in need, or those who can't do anything back for you I promise you the perspective changes and your levels of gratitude and appreciation for your own circumstances increase. Help someone cross the road, or maybe buy them a coffee or spend an hourwith them if they don't have family or friends around. These little kindness gestures will show you that on a grand scheme of things, there’s more important things to life and alter your perspective for the better5. Listen back to some older episodes. Now if you have listened to them all, then you know deep down what I am about to say is true. The perspective shift you can get from seeing someone, with the same situation, or maybe even worse than you get up, dust themselves off and preserve towards finding their voice should immensely alter your perspective. The times I feel low, I think of episode 4 Joshua, or the times I curse cancer for its sickness across my family I think of Louise & Bep on episodes 14 & 17 respectively. There is always someone out there with worse cards playing the game better than you. That should inspire and motivate you to want to grow, to want to change and to want to alter your perspective.So before I continue bashing on at you all in hopes you really at least try a few of these to shift your perspective to better serve not only yourselves but those around you, I am going close the show here.I am hopeful that these episodes really do provide tangible takeaways and insights for you to truly find your way in life, truly find your voice and to overcome whatever thoughts you currently have in your head that aren’t quite serving you.So until next time I hope you have an awesome day and once again I thank you all for listeningThanks for listening.Free Audible book sign up: book on Mindset by Carol Dweck: Mindset the podcast: to me:Website: https://www.arendeu.comInstagram:

Only You Can Help Yourself #80

Ep. 80
"Tales of broken chains" by Sarah Davis #80A courageous woman who gives a platform for others to share their stories and her own, unapologetically Sarah Davis brings some joy into this episode. Having been in an abusive relationship Sarah found it difficult to find herself and voice due to the trauma it caused her. But now, an aspiring entrepreneur who hosts the Broken Chains Podcast Sarah is enjoying herself, loving herself and finding her voice.An infectious personality as you will see from the YouTube version of this podcast, Sarah has come out the other side of adversity but as she states early on in this episode, you have to do it for you. You have to take control of your life, because nobody else can do it for you.Let us know your thoughts and reach out to Sarah and follow her journey as I am sure you will find huge value from her.Some Key Time stamps:[06:15] Overcoming Abusive Relationships[10:30] Finding your voice & purpose[16:30] School systems are failing us[23:20] Journaling is keyFree Audible book sign up: Carol Dweck Mindset 5 Minute journal: the podcast: to me:Website: https://www.arendeu.comInstagram: https://www.findyourvoicepodcast.comYouTube: to Sarah:Instagram: Broken Chains Radio

Stop Putting People on a Pedestal #79

Ep. 79
"Don't compare yourself to 1 area of someone elses life" by Aren Deu #79Putting people on a pedestal is a dangerous game that will not serve you. It simply has no benefit to your happiness or mental health. Furthermore, it will cause you to behave and act in a manner that actually adds very little to your own progress. Now I am not sitting here preaching about this, like I haven't done it. I have. I have put people on a pedestal many times in the past. But since I stopped doing that, my world started to change. Since I started to recognise my own powers, traits and strengths I became much happier in my own skin. I want this for you too.So there’s a few reasons we need to stop this1. Yes the first is comparison is the thief of joy, but if you are comparing yourself with an influencer or a rich person because you don’t have many followers or much money, the chances are you will begin to feel low and almost indirectly subconsciously conform to that persons narrative. You will Be more likely to believe or listen to them on their own matters and personal opinions irrespective of what the truth actually is. Why is this a problem?2. Well the second point is it forces you to not think. It forces you to hold someone in such high esteem based off 1 or 2 traits you then loosely accept their views and don't give yourself the chance to conjure and manifest your own thoughts that's a dangerous place! You will just simply become a sheep and for what? Is it because you have a few less pounds in your account You are so worth more than that.3. What about their other values and characteristics? Listen I am all for people creating wealth and earning shit loads of money. It'll eradicate many of your daily stresses and struggles, it’ll teach you money isn’t the be and end all and it’ll also hopefully, if you're a good person which I know you are if you made it this far or listen to these types of podcasts do more good in the world. But what about their integrity? Their values? Their charitable nature? Are they treating their spouse right? Do they treat the janitor at the local store the same way they treat investors or show themselves on social media? How do they speak to their parents, or their children? I could go on. But so often we look at what we are lacking, and try to find that in others.4. Now this moves me onto point 4. We need to look at what we find inspiring in others and leave it there. We need to not compare, or down value ourselves and recognise that we all have our own journeys. You may have excelled far greater in compassion and kindness than financial gain. So now all you need to do is work out how to level up your finances, or social status or physique depending on what you need or desire. We need to move the conversation back to ourselves and work on masking our potential out so that we can in turn, be proud of ourselves. Progression is key in this and although I encourage looking t people for the blueprint or who have it as a reason why its possible for you, I never want it to be a reason why you disregard your own voice, your own skills and ability to do and become much more.So I just wanted to leave it there as this is something I've done too. I've been doing work of service most my life. I've always tried to be as kind as possible, I've always remained loyal to my spouse, my friends and family. Yet I have too been in situations where I've held people in high regard because they’ve had more influential stance than me or more money. But now I don't. You see I recognised very quickly, my relationships and thoughts are the key to my own happiness. I have amazing relationships and as I progress I'm slowly having more empowering and greater thoughts. These thoughts in turn lead to better decisions and actions and my life is pretty kick ass right now!Had I stayed in comparison mode, who knows how id feel about myself? Who knows how far id push myself or think for myself.I do not want you to just be a drifter through your life, a term I took from an incredible book ill be filling you all in very soon!Thanks for listening.Free Audible book sign up: book on Mindset by Carol Dweck: Mindset the podcast: to me:Website: https://www.arendeu.comInstagram: