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S2E5- Jonathon Tomlinson

Season 2, Ep. 5

In this episode we catch up with Dr Jonathon Tomlinson, an amazing GP in Hackney. Jonathan fills us in with how he is getting on during the coronavirus crisis. He shares his experience working in a practice in one of the hardest hit areas for coronavirus in the UK (1min 40). He tells me how his team has acted quickly to manage the acute situation but also continues to support the long term conditions for many of his patients in the community. 

We talk about some of the many changes in primary care over the last few weeks (5min 40s). These include; phone and video consultations; losing the GP waiting room; sharing clinical decisions and talking more with colleagues. We discuss the effects of coronavirus on those people living in deprivation (10mins 10s) and Jonathon shares some experiences from his practice and his patients (11mins). Jonathan talks about the social determinants of health and the importance of prevention along with all the stuff we are seeing in the media at the moment like PPE (14mins 50s) . 

One of the things that GPs can do is advocacy and Jonathon was keen to discuss the work of Dr Rudolf Virchow 1821-1902 (19mins). Virchow is famous for saying that politics is nothing but medicine on a large scale and that our role as doctors is to show the link between social conditions and medical diseases (21mins). Jonathan explains why Virchow's message is particularly relevant at the moment. We explore the role of a GP in advocacy and coordination of a response to support those who are most in need and vulnerable. We discuss how much our job in primary care should include advocacy on behalf of our patients (26mins) and Jonathon offers some ideas for some steps clinicians can take forward to achieve this. Jonathon mentions collaboration, networks (e.g. The Deep End Network), treating long term conditions. We finish our conversation talking about the importance of caring for our patients (28m 55s), Jonathon shares his favourite book (32m 10s), and he tells us what his magic genie wish would be (34m 40s). 

Jonathon’s recommended Book

Let Us Now Praise Famous Men by James Agee (photographs by photographer Walker Evans)

Other reading

“Caring Effects” Julian Tudor-Hart and Paul Dieppe (mentioned at 30mins 50s)

Jonathon’s excellent blog

My (Rachel's) favourites

You can also find Jonathon on tweeting on being a GP and topics related our discussion @mellojonny

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S4 E1 - Deborah Wilmot

Season 4, Ep. 1
This episode has been hosted and edited by Dr Harvir Braich, GP leadership fellow in Health Equity, Future leaders Programme, Health Education England,I had the absolute pleasure of chatting with Deborah Wilmot, a passionate GP with over 20 years' experience with the substance misuse service. She shares such a unique personal perspective that has really helped someone new to the arena such as myself. We had a brilliant conversation in the new year and discussed...Deborah's work as a GP and her amazing journey in working as a substance misuse lead in her region. (1.40mins)The changing pattern Deborah has seen of substances misused over her 20 years of experience (3mins)How Deborah started her journey into this area of work and what has motivated her to continue in this field (4mins)How Deborah has been able to keep such enthusiasm and passion for her work and prevented burnout (10mins)What Deborah finds the most rewarding part of her job (12mins)How we as clinicians and advocates can break down stigma and encourage patients to seek treatment and support (17mins)What advice Deborah would give to inexperienced clinicians or those wanting to better their practice with dealing with patients suffering from substance misuse (22mins)Being mindful of yourself and your current state of mind (27mins)What an ideal substance misuse service would look like in the eyes of Deborah (28 mins)The importance of lived experiences to develop ourselves (35mins)Further resources:Reduced mortality if in treatment compared to not in treatment (15mins)Adult substance misuse treatment statistics 2020 to 2021: reportThe "ripple effect" of substance misuse and hidden costs (16mins)Benefit of peer support in substance misuse (29mins)Doctors make mistakes (33mins)Cautionary Tales (34 mins)

S3 E8- Greener Practice and Next Generation GP special with Dr Aarti Bansal

In this episode we talk to Aarti Bansal, GP, founder of Greener Practice and now working as Net Zero clinical lead in North Yorkshire and Humber ISB. We hear Aarti’s experience of starting with a conversation in a pub in Sheffield and forming a small group of colleagues sharing similar values to a rapidly expanding network of GPs across the UK. In this heartfelt and energising episode we discuss;Aarti’s current roles (2min)Where Aartis drive for Greener practice and sustainability comes from (3mins)What can we do as health professionals to minimise the impact of climate change (7mins)Four pillars of sustainability (8mins)Prevention and examples of this (10mins 30s)Sustainability as a social determinants of health (15mins)Greener practice and how it began (19 mins)Bringing new people onboard to a rapidly expanding network (28mins)What Aarti has learnt about herself in forming Greener Practice (29mins 30s) her thoughts on leadership (31mins)And to finish…Aarti’s leader she most admires and why (34mins)Top tips as a leader (34mins 30 seconds)Top learning resource (35mins)- Active Hope - How to face the mess we're in with unexpected resilience and creative power by Joanna Macy and Chris JohnstoneAarti’s one magic genie wish to support equity and sustainability (36mins 30s)Further resourcesGreener Practice First follower You tube video Nancy Kline –Time to think Next Generation GP and Next Gen Cast Thank you Aarti for you time in recording this episode and her continued dedication to Greener and more sustainable General Practice. Thank you also to Dr Nish Manek, Founder of Next Generation GP for this collaboration. If you are an early career GP please do visit their website here to find out if their is a leadership programme running near you and/or check out some of their amazing resources - blogs, podcasts, webinars and more!If you would like to hear more from Aarti... Next Generation GP did a webinar with Aarti and colleagues on Leading in Greener Practice - Check it out here. Please also check out Nish's podcast the Next Gen Cast which has a rich catalogue of incredibly inspiring podcasts from leaders in and out of healthcareWe hope you enjoy the episode.

S3E7- Dominic Maddocks

Season 3, Ep. 7
What a privilege to be able to chat to the absolutely awesome Dom Maddocks. Street outreach worker in Leeds. He has buckets of experience of what works and doesn’t work in Street Outreach and bring this into a fascinating discussion.We caught up back in the Spring and discussed…·      Working for Bevan Healthcare and bringing together services and people to help others in the centre of Leeds (2mins)·      What Dom does and what is so special about his role as a street outreach worker (2mins)·      Challenges along the way – Covid, rolling into a post Covid world, and collaboration and funding of services and funding (5mins)·      The beauty of being able to have a wrap around service and working with colleagues (9mins)·      Experiences of patients in the system and rough sleeping (11mins) – Dom gives his ideas on how to communicate and how to meet patients in their reality of where they are (13mins)·      Dom share’s his own personal story (19mins) and how this influences his role. As part of this, we explore stigma and navigating the health care service (23mins) to finally get the help he so needed (despite the barriers along the way)·      Addiction (30mins) and consultation skills around this (32mins)·      Adverse Childhood Experience (37mins) and the Self care (41mins 30s)To finish…Dom’s favourite resource- (46m 30s) The internet – get searching on the topic of inclusion health see what rabbit hole it takes you downDom’s Genie wish (47mins)