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Finding Our Feet: The Adoption Journal

Transitions Day 1

Season 3, Ep. 1

It is finally here! Day 1 of Transitions is upon us and we are EXCITED! We give an update on our way to Foster Carers and an update following the first day. Plus, a little additional reveal about Baby K!

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  • 8. Update

    We are back! This episode has been a long time in coming (and editing) but we have got an update for you all! We speak about the highs, and the lows, of the last few months, the first Christmas with Baby K, and whether we should see more people treading in dog poo on Instagram.
  • 7. Placement

    On this episode we speak in hushed tones as placement day is upon and suddenly keeping a child asleep is the most important thing in life! Mrs K speaks openly about the challenges she has faced since Placement Day, we give our first hand advice to prospective adopters and reflect on the despairing pit that is kids TV!
  • 6. Transitions Day 6

    On this episode we conclude our reflection on the first week of Transitions and our hopes for next week. We discuss why transition week is so tiring, top tips to make it easier and what our highlights have been from week one!
  • 5. Transitions Day 5

    Transitions Day 5 and our first trip out without the foster carer! We talk about how this went, the frustrations of public shopping centres and the joy of successfully getting your child to sleep!
  • 4. Transitions Day 4

    Transitions Day 4 and we are starting to feel tired (mostly Mrs K). We continue to talk about our developing relationship with Baby K, the difficulties of sleeping with a firm pillow and the complex and quite frankly ridiculous politics of soft play centres.
  • 3. Transitions Day 3

    Transitions Day 3 and it was a gooden! We got ourselves out to a park, got a Dunkin Donut and got Baby K to bed on time!!!
  • 2. Transitions Day 2

    Day 2 of Transitions is here and we can cautiously say we aren't too tired just yet! We reflect on the days events and the dawning reality that changing nappies is now our responsibility.
  • 8. Adoption Week

    On this episode we celebrate Adoption Week! Plus we give an exciting update on our journey to adoption, discuss meeting birth parents and rue those missed opportunites to play Dobby Scarecrow during wet play times!To find out more about our adoption journey you can follow us on Instagram @finding.our.feet_Or you can email us on