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Find Your Voice with Zoe Daniel

The Housing Crisis – How do we increase supply?

Season 3, Ep. 4

Welcome to our podcast, where we confront Australia's pressing housing crisis head-on. This issue, having multiple complex roots, demands urgent attention as it lies at the heart of our nation's prosperity and well-being.

In this episode, we host a unique panel discussion involving experts deeply involved in efforts to address the housing deficit and increase the supply of homes. Our discussion will navigate through the intricacies of housing cost, supply, funding, and planning, acknowledging the severity of the current and projected demands for social and affordable housing.

Join us as we welcome three accomplished panellists:

  • Mary Delahunty, Founder of Seven Advisory, provides an institutional and international investor perspective. With over 15 years in senior roles in financial services and former Head of Impact for HESTA, she is a fervent advocate for authentic progressive capital and social and affordable housing.

  • Robert Pradolin, Founder and Director of Housing All Australians, offers his expertise from over 35 years in the property industry. Rob has pivoted his career from corporate property to a not-for-profit initiative to tackle Australia's housing crisis.

  • Ludwina Dautovic, CEO of The Room Xchange, shares her ground-breaking approach to addressing the immediate need for housing. Ludwina's verified house-sharing platform, The Room Xchange, offers a novel solution to increasing housing supply immediately.

Join us in this crucial conversation as we explore potential solutions, learn from experts, and discuss how, as a society, we can collaboratively work towards alleviating the housing crisis.

Resources and links:

Seven Advisory

Housing All Australians:

The Room Xchange

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  • 7. Kieran Pender

    Whistleblowers should be protected not punished. In this episode, Zoe Daniel MP is joined by Kieran Pender, Senior Lawyer in the Democratic Freedoms team at the Human Rights Law Centre to discuss the state of whistleblower protections in Australia and the necessary law reforms required to minimise the cost of courage and safeguard truth-telling Australians. Discover more about Kieran Pender's work and explore his opinion pieces in various news outlets at: more about the Human Rights Law Centre's Whistleblower Project here:
  • 6. Australia's Youth Mental Health Crisis

    Welcome to Find Your Voice with Zoe Daniel.In this episode, Zoe Daniel MP leads a focused collaboration on the escalating youth mental health crisis in Australia with a panel of distinguished guests including Professor Patrick McGorry, Executive Director of Orygen; Andrew Wallace MP, the Member for Fisher; and Dr Mike Freelander MP, revered paediatrician and Member for Macarthur. Against the backdrop of the alarming surge in mental health conditions among young individuals, this conversation navigates the complexities and causes of this growing crisis, the necessity for comprehensive reforms, including enhanced primary and specialized care, and the crucial need to streamline efforts for the betterment of Australia's youth mental well-being.Panellists include:Professor Patrick McGorry, the Executive Director of Orygen and Professor of Youth Mental Health at the University of Melbourne. Professor McGorry is a world-leading researcher in the area of early psychosis and youth mental health. Notably, he led the advocacy which resulted in the National Youth Mental Health Foundation, known today as Headspace.Andrew Wallace MP, the Federal Member for Fisher. Andrew is passionate about improving mental health outcomes, with a particular focus on youth mental health, suicide prevention, eating disorder treatment and veteran and first-responder wellbeing.Dr Mike Freelander MP, the Federal Member for Macarthur. Dr. Freelander has consistently championed the welfare of our youth, ensuring they receive optimal opportunities for a promising future with a career spanning 37 years as a dedicated pediatrician in Campbelltown.
  • 5. Andrew Leigh MP

    Join Zoe Daniel MP as she discusses the state of social connections in Australia with Andrew Leigh MP, economist, author and Assistant Minister for Competition, Charities, and Treasury. They explore the decline of social connectivity, the role of philanthropy in fostering inclusivity, and necessary reforms to enhance philanthropic giving. See Andrew Leigh's books, Disconnected, which explores the decline in various forms of social connection, including family ties, civic participation, and neighbourhood relationships, Battlers and Billionaires, which unpacks income inequality in Australia, and Reconnected, which examines the disconnect in communities and looking at how to rebuild social connections, including philanthropy, argues that while government and policy enhance community connectivity and inclusiveness, individual and corporate acts of generosity also have a crucial part to play.
  • 3. Mary Crooks AO

    On today’s podcast, I am delighted to be joined by Mary Crooks - AO. Mary is the Executive Director of the Victorian Women’s Trust. For those that might not know, the Victorian Women’s Trust was established in 1985 in support of advocacy work of three high impact areas: economic security, health and safety, and equal representation. Helping to create change in these areas is key to achieving true gender equality and an equal future for all.Mary designed and led ground-breaking community engagement initiatives, such as the Purple Sage Project and Our Watermark Australia, an exceptional example of a nationwide, community engagement project based around issues of water sustainability and the conversational model of ‘Kitchen Table Conversations’ as a key part of community engagement.  In June 2012, Mary was appointed an Officer of the Order of Australia, for her distinguished services to public policy and advocacy for the advancement of women. That same year, Mary authored A Switch In Time – Restoring Respect to Australian Politics which has been distributed widely across Australia.This year, all Australians will be asked to vote in a referendum to enshrine a First Nations Voice to Parliament in our national constitution.  Today, we are speaking to Mary about her involvement in the Kitchen Table Conversation Model, and in particular, the ‘Together, Yes’ movement as part of the nationwide recruitment of conversation hosts.   Resources: Victorian Womens Trust Yes
  • 2. Tim Forcey

    My guest is Tim Forcey, an engineer who advises households on what can be done to improve home comfort and energy use as well as reduce our energy bills. Tim has helped over 1,000 Melbourne homes decide what they can do, in what order and what priority.On this episode, we will be discussing home energy and how we can make our households more efficient and also reduce our emissions. ResourcesFacebook Page: A subsidy from the Vic gov for reverse-cycle air cons. For landlords to make the switch. performance standards… which can lead to air cons being installed to replace gas heaters. to cut your energy bills Don’t hate the home you just bought Forcey Website 
  • 1. Professor Marcia Langton AO

    Professor Marcia Langton AO joins us to discuss The Indigenous Voice to Parliament Referendum, what it is, how it will work and why it is a crucial step towards reconciliation. Marcia is a leading academic and Indigenous spokesperson who has held the foundation chair of Australian Indigenous Studies at the University of Melbourne since February 2000. She is a powerful advocate for Indigenous rights, working as a consultant to a range of government and non-government organisations, and has served on a number of committees and advisory bodies. She has published widely on a range of Aboriginal affairs issues including land rights, the mining industry and indigenous communities, resource management and the social impacts of development. In recognition of her contributions to Indigenous scholarships and advocacy, Marcia was appointed a Member of the Order of Australia in 1993. Resources and further information:Indigenous Voice Co-design Process - Professor Dr Marcia Langton AO and Professor Tom Calma AO, July 2021 Statement from the Heart Statement from the Heart - FAQs is The Voice? involved
  • 6. Hon. Bill Shorten

    In this episode, we discuss the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Looking at what is working, what isn't and what can be done to ensure it adequately supports the over 4.4 million Australians, it was designed to assist today and in the future.My guest is the Hon. Bill Shorten, Minister for the NDIS and Government services. Minister Shorten played a key role in establishing the NDIS in 2013 while he was a senior member of the Labor Government. In his current role, he is responsible for the task of improving access and support for those with living with a disability, while also ensuring the cost of the NDIS is sustainable today and into the future.Website: @billshortenmp
  • 5. Angela Jackson

    On this podcast, we will be discussing economic policy as it relates to women, and the opportunity to not only increase economic productivity, but also address the growing skills shortage across Australia. My guest is Dr Angela Jackson, an economist with expertise across health, disability, gender and fiscal policy. She was Deputy Chief of Staff to Australia’s Finance Minister the Hon Lindsay Tanner MP during the Global Financial Crisis. Angela is currently a member of the Victorian National Heart Foundation Advisory Board, a Board Member of GenVic and Deputy National Chair of the Women in Economics Network.She is currently Lead Economist, at Impact Economics and Policy.Website: In: @EconomistAnge