Financial Recon


Colts, Chords, & Community with John Ziemann

Season 1, Ep. 17


Its a key component to all of us and our story.

Perhaps its a band, a place, or a team that triggers that sentiment.

We will seemingly spend anything to recapture that feeling.

When my wife & I first moved to Baltimore in 2004, one thing became evident quick: 

People loved their Baltimore Colts!

And when I mean loved...words simply can not explain...

You have to see it in the peoples eyes, their body language…

How they recount the Colts Coral meetings, the 58 championship game, The teams arrival at BWI, Gino’s, Ameche’s, and of course the marching band….

It brings them back to another time.

With football just kicking off the regular season, I thought who better to wet our appetite about it than the Phd of Baltimore Sports (in my opinion at least) Mr. John Ziemann.

John, creates a fascinating timeline of football history interwoven with that of his involvement in the Baltimore Colts, now Marching Ravens band, and how music played such an instrumental role in helping a city rebound from a devastating loss, to landing one of the most successful franchises in pro football.

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