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  • 2. Filthy Henry: The Fairy Detective - Chapter 2

    Chapter 2: Under the cover of darkness some dubious acts are performed, causing problems for the human and fairy world alike. The balance of power is tipped towards Chaos by the actions of mortals who do not know better. 
  • 3. Filthy Henry: The Fairy Detective - Chapter 3

    Chapter 3: Filthy Henry meets with somebody from his past, somebody with a very interesting proposition for the fairy detective. A new case begins, high stakes but high rewards. The unthinkable has happened and the only half-breed in Ireland is needed to solve things. A chance encounter sparks Filthy Henry's curiosity.
  • 4. Filthy Henry: The Fairy Detective - Chapter 4

    Dark deeds continue in dubious and deserted Dublin locations as the events of the previous night are brought into the harsh daylight. A mysterious figure is revealed, their intentions unknown. Their involvement in the heist of the century is clear as is their desire to tie off loose ends before carrying on with their dastardly plans. 
  • 5. Filthy Henry: The Fairy Detective - Chapter 5

    Filthy Henry makes good use of his charms to annoy his potential client. After learning a little bit more about her and the case, he decides to do something that is not usually done. Accept the case without being a wise-guy about it. Somebody has the magical side of the world revealed to them, opening their eyes to so many strange and wonderful things. A new adventure begins. 
  • 6. Filthy Henry: The Fairy Detective - Chapter 6

    Filthy Henry and his new client, Shelly, start to explore the magical world that exists within Dublin city. As her unintentional tour-guide, the fairy detective begins to explain just how the magical world works. Shelly gets to see, first hand, just how Filthy Henry goes about solving cases. 
  • 7. Filthy Henry: The Fairy Detective - Chapter 7

    A search around a creepy, abandoned, warehouse. Magical smells in the air. Not one, but two dark discoveries! All before running away from the Guards so as to avoid being arrested while interfering with an active crime scene. While elsewhere in the city a shadowy group meet and discuss their mysterious plans.