Filthy Casuals with Tommy Dassalo, Ben Vernel and Adam Knox


Episode 309: Deathloop Review

It feels like a new time loop game comes out every day :) This time it's Deathloop and Tommy, Ben and Adam talk at length about why they reckon it's good. Also a little on Eastward, tomorrow's Nintendo Direct, and more. We've got a full episode with a spoiler-free review of Deathloop, and then after the end we turn off the lights, put the kids to bed, bang our knee on a coffee table, turn the lights back on, swear in front of our kids who haven't gone to bed yet, tell them they shouldn't say the bad word we just said, tell them because we said so, that's why, put them back to bed, turn the lights back off, close the curtains, bang our knee on the coffee table again, sit down in no mood for a bonus spoiler-filled Sealed Section at the end of the podcast, but do it anyway because this is the only damn time we get to ourselves, wonder whether we rushed into this parenting thing, pass out on the couch, wake up startled at 6am to see the carpet covered in jam because the kids tried to make breakfast, and start the loop all over again. Please enjoy.

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