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Assault on Hill 400 (2023)

Ep. 144

This week the boys cover a new film from Asylum, Assault on Hill 400. The film details a squad of Rangers as they attempt to assault the titular hill in the Hurtgen Forest in late 1944. The film has all the hallmarks of an Asylum mockbuster. Aging D listers, cliches, and more! Plus Robbie talks about Robert Capa and Matt mansplains photography.

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  • 149. The Real Glory (1939)

    Gary Cooper and David Niven face off against a Moro Rebellion in the Philippines in 1906 in this week's review. Cholera, orchids and Niven on a Gatling Gun - what more could we want? Matt and Robbie also talk about the upcoming 150th episode and announce some new podcast merch!Be sure to check out our site -
  • 148. The British Army on Film - We Have Ways Festival 2023

    We recently gave a talk at the fantastic 'We Have Ways of Making You Talk' podcast Festival, after doing 2 quizzes at previous events. This year we gave a talk on depictions of the British Army on Film during the Second World War. From Dunkirk to the Far East we talked Niven and Mills. Piats and Panthers. Join us and listen to our talk in full.
  • Ironclad (2011)

    This week the boys finally cover a 'Chivalry and Swords' film as they tackle 2011's Ironclad, which attempts to recreate the 1215 siege of Rochester Castle. With an all-star cast including Sir Derek Jacobi, Brian Cox, James Purfoy and Paul Giamatti. The film features brutal hand-to-hand combat and gore, but does it hit the mark in terms of historical accuracy? Join us to find out.
  • Sam's Circus -The CBS Band of Brothers?!

    This week Robbie shares his research on a lost TV pilot called Sam's Circus, a 2001 CBS pilot produced in the wake of the success of Band of Brothers. Which was never picked up for a full series. With insider information on the show from the production team and even sharing some of the music made for the show not heard for over 20 years. Matt is back from his trip to America and tells us all about his work overseas and the boys give a quick-fire round-up of war films they have watched recently.
  • 145. Tropetastic! Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Film Tropes

    Tropes, cliches and tangents aplenty this week! As the boys go over their own and the listeners' most loved and loathed war movie tropes. We talk Private Upham from Saving Private Ryan, wrong tanks and even fit in a few pop culture references along the way.
  • 143. Silent Heroes (1987) - The First Falklands War Film?!

    This week we dug into the archives and found a very rare British war film. 1987s 'Silent Heroes' appears to be the first British attempt at creating a film about the Falklands War, filmed for just £90,000. Directed by Richard Driscoll and staring Martin Aylott, Robert Wilford and Bob Flag. The straight-to-VHS film is a strange beast that seems to have both pro and anti-war themes and tries to come to terms with the conflict. Strap in and join us as we try to explain this one!Follow us on Twitter @FightingOnFilm and on Facebook. For more check out our website www.fightingonfilm.comThanks for listening!
  • 142. Tigerland (2000)

    In 2000, Joel Schumacher moved away from Hollywood Blockbusters and produced an American Vietnam drama with a cast full of unknowns and character actors. Tigerland explores the effect of military training on young men from all walks of life. The film stars Colin Farrell as a reluctant and conflicted GI and the film follows in the vein of such anti-war classics as ATTACK! and The Hill but for all its plaudits at the time of release does the film hold up more than two decades later?Follow us on Twitter @FightingOnFilm and on Facebook. For more check out our website www.fightingonfilm.comThanks for listening!
  • 141. U571 (2000)

    U-571 directed by Johnathan Mostow was surrounded by controversy when it was released in the summer of 2000. The film tells the fictional story of an American submarine crew who are tasked with capturing an Enigma machine from a damaged German U-boat. The story was seen as an affront to the real-life story of HMS Bulldog that captured an intact Enigma machine in May 1941. The controversy even made waves in the UK's Parliament. But is it a good film or does the film dive too deep and hit rock bottom? Join us to fine out.Follow us on Twitter @FightingOnFilm and on Facebook. For more check out our website www.fightingonfilm.comThanks for listening!