Fightback: A business innovation podcast


Centrica's Fight featuring Margaret Jobling, CMO

Season 2, Ep. 5

In those heady days before lockdown, Robin spent some quality time with “girl crush” Margaret Jobling talking about the challenges of ‘turning the oil tanker’ that is British Gas ‘into a speed boat’ in her then role as CMO of Centrica (she’s now CMO of NatWest). How do you keep a 200-year-old institution as market leader in a sector disrupted by nimble, tech-lead innovative brands? How does a product first organisation pivot to become customer first? And how do you change the culture of such a large, complex business to embrace their ‘Here to solve’ mantra? All this and critical advice on paw-renting two very different dogs in this week’s episode of Fightback. 



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