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The Bald and the Beautiful

Kat and Phoebe talk about Prince William, pretender to the throne… of sexy baldness, that is. Is Prince William the world's sexiest bald man? Heck, is he sexy at all? And speaking of sexy, Naomi Wolf is kind of a weirdo these days, but does this mean that her 1990s feminist polemic, The Beauty Myth, is no longer good? Finally, we foray briefly into the weird, wonderful, and sometimes deadly world of gender reveal parties.


Stop trying to make 'sexy Prince William' happen - The Spectator

A tweet thread explainer: how the "sexiest bald man" study came to be

Does Naomi Wolf's The Beauty Myth hold up? What I think of it now that she's an anti-masker.

Naomi Wolf's Book Corrected by Host in BBC Interview

What Would Phoebe Do?: The Beauty Myth, Part I

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