Fault Lines


Episode 90: Cuban Unrest, Chinese Hacks, and the Biden Response

Ep. 90

Cuba is currently experiencing its largest anti-government demonstrations since 1994, fueled by disdain for the authoritarian government, widespread poverty, and mishandling of the COVID-19 pandemic. Les, Mike, Grant, and first time guests Fred Turner, former Chief of Staff to Bob Menendez, and Carrie Filipetti, Executive Director of the Vandenberg Coalition, former Deputy Assistant Secretary for Cuba and Venezuela, and the Deputy Special Representative for Venezuela at the U.S. State Department, discuss protests and unrest in Cuba and the most recent string of cyberattacks. Is the Biden Administration doing enough to show support for Cuba? How can social media be used creatively against authoritarian regimes? What impact could the Microsoft Exchange hack have on U.S.-China relations? These questions and more are answered on the latest episode of Fault Lines!

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