Fault Lines


Episode 65: Now It Matters

Ep. 65

President Biden may be new to the job but the foreign policy challenges haven’t slowed down. Les, Jamil, Jodi, and Michael discuss President Biden’s first foreign policy speech and how the ideals he laid out in it will be applied to the coup in Myanmar and protests in Russia. Is Biden really laying out a new foreign policy vision? Will his team be decisive or dithering? How should America promote democracy abroad? All these questions and more answered in this week’s Fault Lines.

In our under the radar segment, Grant pushes the Biden administration on refugee status for Hong Kongers, Michael mentions Israeli Prime Minister's ongoing corruption trial, Jodi discusses America rejoining the UN Human Rights Council, Jamil focuses on the Pope's trip to Iraq, and Les highlights a statement from USAID's Acting Administrator Gloria Steele.

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