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Season 5, Ep. 2

In this episode designer Jawara Alleyne and writer and cultural communications thought leader Yasmin Jones-Henry discuss how designers can utilise indigenous knowledge and traditions to create truly sustainable brands. Delving into their Caribbean heritage, Jawara and Yasmin highlight how many indigenous groups have rich histories of sustainable production and consumption and they discuss the resounding positive impact of their upbringing on their work.

About Jawara:

As an interdisciplinary artist, creative director and educator, designer Jawara Alleyne graduated from London’s Central Saint Martins in 2020, going on to launch his namesake brand on the London Fashion Week schedule as part of Fashion East in 2021.

Jawara’s work is rooted in identity - linking together inspiration from Jamaica, where he was born, the Cayman Islands, where he grew up and London where he currently resides.

About Yasmin:

Yasmin Jones-Henry is a writer for the Financial Times, a cultural placeshaping strategist and co-founder & curator of The Lab E20.

Working across investment, real estate, the creative industries and public art, Yasmin is committed to demonstrating the power of culture and co-creation as catalysts to unlocking inclusive regeneration and positive growth, continuously linking her work back to the legacy of community, craft and the power of collective creativity.

About the BFC Fashion Forum Podcast:

Brought to you by the British Fashion Council, a series of conversations with designers and the broader creative community, all of whom play a vital role in the fashion industry’s culture and reputation, promoting British creativity on a global scale.

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  • 3. Navigating Change

    For episode three, Vogue Business Executive European Editor, Kirsty McGregor is joined by CEO and Co-Founder of Tomorrow, Stefano Martinetto, and Founder and Buying Director of MACHINE-A, Stavros Karelis to discuss the ongoing cultural and socio-economic implications of Brexit on the British fashion industry. Combining their knowledge and experiences from across the industry, Kirsty, Stavros and Stefano highlight the necessity for a collaborative community, alongside organisations like the BFC, to support young and independent designers through times of social and economic uncertainty.      About Kirsty McGregor: Kirsty McGregor is executive European editor at Vogue Business. She was previously the editor of UK-based fashion trade magazine Drapers. She joined Drapers in 2014 from a background of social policy journalism.About Stefano Martinetto:Stefano Martinetto is chief executive and co-founder of Tomorrow, a growth and development platform founded in 2008 for fashion brands. Tomorrow are the lead investors in brands such as A-Cold-Wall*, Charles Jeffrey Loverboy, Colville and Martine Rose, as well as retailer MACHINE-A.About Stavros Karelis:Stavros Karelis is founder and buying director of independent concept store MACHINE-A, known supporting young design talents by stocking them alongside established brands. Karelis is also a judge for the BFC's NEWGEN initiative.About the BFC Fashion Forum Podcast:Brought to you by the British Fashion Council, a series of conversations with designers and the broader creative community, all of whom play a vital role in the fashion industry’s culture and reputation, promoting British creativity on a global scale.
  • 1. What Does It Mean To Be a Designer Today?

    Kicking off Season 5 of the British Fashion Council's Fashion Forum Podcast, journalist and writer Lauren Cochrane talks to London based designer and BFC NEWGEN alumni Martine Rose in ‘What Does It Mean To Be a Designer Today?’. About Martine: Awarded BFC NEWGEN in 2014 and the recipient of the British Menswear Designer of the Year Award at The Fashion Awards in 2017, 2018 and 2023, Martine Rose is an award winning British-Jamaican designer based in London, who began her eponymous brand in 2007. A force in the Menswear scene in the UK and internationally, Martine quickly rose from cult fashion brand status to the founder of a global, critically acclaimed business. About Lauren: Lauren Cochrane is a British journalist and author with almost 25 years of experience in the fashion industry. Writing and editing for some of the UK’s leading publications; Vogue, i-D, The Sunday Telegraph to name a few. Lauren currently works as Senior Fashion Writer of The Guardian and is also the author of ‘The Ten’, published in 2021, which chronicles the history of staple fashion items.About the BFC Fashion Forum Podcast: Brought to you by the British Fashion Council, a series of conversations with designers and the broader creative community, all of whom play a vital role in the fashion industry’s culture and reputation, promoting British creativity on a global scale.
  • 10. How the rules of the red carpet have changed

    Entertainment editor Josh Smith is joined by celebrity stylist Rose Forde and red carpet photographer Richard Young to discuss the past, present and future of the red carpet. From iconic fashion moments and red carpet critics to present day political statements and challenging gendered dressing, how have the rules of the red carpet changed for good?
  • 9. What's next for Nicholas Daley?

    2022 BFC/GQ Designer Fashion Fund recipient Nicholas Daley is joined by Tan France to discuss his journey in the fashion industry, from his studies at Central St Martins, receiving NEWGEN support, to winning the 2022 BFC/GQ Designer Fashion Fund.The two discuss Nicholas's ongoing influences, his Scottish and Jamaican heritage and early musical interest, creative community, sustainable practices, and future ambitions.
  • 8. Is fashion overlooking Gen X and Baby Boomers?

    Creative Director Susan Bender Whitfield is joined by Lucinda Chambers and JoAni Johnson to discuss age diversity in the fashion industry. From supermodel revivals to intergenerational teaching, the three discuss the importance of age representation in creative fields.
  • 7. Fashion’s opportunity in the Metaverse

    Journalist Amanda Cosco is joined by Metaverse strategist Damara Ingles and co-founder of The Fabricant Amber Jae Slooten to explore fashion's opportunities within the Metaverse discussing virtual fashion shows, digital twins, NFTs and the growing digital fashion landscape.
  • 6. Being There with Nineties Fashion Show Photographer, Gavin Bond

    Designer, Giles Deacon, is joined by renowned 90’s fashion show photographer, Gavin Bond, ahead of his first solo exhibition at London’s Hamilton Gallery and the upcoming release of his retrospective photobook ‘Being There’. From shooting backstage during the rise of the supermodel, to being invited to the Maison’s of the great designers of the decade, Gavin and Giles discuss what it was like, being there.
  • 5. Fashion on Screen

    Writer & Fashion Historian Shelby Ivey Christie hosts a conversation with costume designer Colleen Atwood and Katy Lubin, VP of Brand at Lyst about the impact of fashion on screen. From blockbuster films to streaming platforms, explore the ways that fashion and costume plays a role in character development and on screen storytelling while influencing how we all dress.